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Published on November 29th, 2011 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Candles Made from Renewable Resources

Maybe it’s the chill as the frost takes over the winter air which draws us to the warming glow of candles. Perhaps candles best represent celebration and the steady procession of festivities marching through the fall and winter seasons. Whatever the reason, now is the perfect time to enjoy the variety of candles made by renewable resources.

glowing soy candle

Glowing soy candle

Soy Candles

Soy candles have quickly caught on because of their simplicity in creation and amazing clean up abilities. While some candle spills require some labor intensive care, soy wax usually need only warm, soapy water. The wax accepts fragrance and essential oils well as well as colorants. Because it is a softer wax, many artisans are able to create realistic culinary creations like bundt cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. Still, the most popular soy candles are in container form like that above. They are easily poured into glass containers making them eco-friendly and quite fun in the creativity department. Baby jars, tea cups and planters are just a few of the many options limited only by your imagination.

{cc photo courtesy of Andrew & Suzanne on Flickr}

intricate beeswax candles

Intricate beeswax candles

Beeswax Candles

The choice that goes back hundreds of years is still popular today with even more choices. Beeswax candles are harder than soy creations which make them a little more difficult to work with, but much more durable. The traditional sticks are always popular decorations, especially during the holiday season amidst evergreen branches and holly decking the halls. The more more petite, thin options are perfect for the family menorah and a vast array of molds offer up some amazing options for gift giving. Santa, religious icons and pine trees are just a few of the other festive options available.  When purchasing beeswax candles try to buy from local beekeepers to support your local economy and while you’re at it, pick up so fresh local honey as well.

{cc photo courtesy of waɪ.tiː on Flickr)

palm wax candle

Palm wax candle

Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax candles are identifiable by the feathering feature seen throughout the finished product. When lit, their glow intensifies the crystalline look creating a superb centerpiece option.  They also come in a solid colors and accept both coloring and fragrances well. Palm wax candles do not  require additives making them a nice option for those with allergies and asthma. Palm wax is often touted as a reasonable alternative to petroleum-based candle materials. However, it is not without controversy. Advocacy groups claim deforestation brought about by palm farming in Southern Asia with a side effect being displacement of orangutans. If you choose palm wax candles, as with any product, make sure to research the company and its ingredients before purchasing.

{cc photo courtesy of Kurt and Sybilla on Flickr}

{Disclaimer: Please visit this fact sheet from the National Fire Protection Association for safety tips}

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