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DIY Ideas: Coffee Tables And More From Wood Or Metal Scraps

Wood or metal scraps can inspire your creative side Since I have been writing about using repurposed wood or metal scraps, I thought this was as good a time as any to share an old woodworking project of mine using red oak cutoffs that were headed for the trash bin. Whether you are working with wood, […]

September 28th

DIY Tips Repurposing Scrap Wood In The Garden

It doesn’t take much looking to find an abundant stock of scrap wood to use in a number of settings. Start your list with this usable material, from shipping boxes and pallets to construction waste and old fences. Check first to ensure reclaimed wood is safe to use Here are links to some sites for […]

September 25th

Sustainable Living in Honolulu: Public Transit, Biking, Renewables, Recycling, Compost, and Local Food

Sustainability is just about the biggest buzzword since synergy or gluten. It’s popping out of more and more mouths (and blogs) because more and more of us are beginning to realize that critical aspects of our daily lives – transportation, food, waste, power production, water management – have become complex systems that aren’t always designed […]

April 3rd

Recycling: The Resourceful Attitude Which is Saving the World

Recycling is rapidly becoming the most popular way to dispose of household and business waste. And with many reports now showing that recycling is more beneficial to the planet than our traditional ways of getting rid of rubbish, which include incineration and landfill, this trend is set to rise even further.  There are now even […]

July 28th

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas time is once again upon us, and with the holiday season comes the massive amounts of waste caused by consumerism. Every year tons of wrapping paper, gift bags and greeting cards go to waste- not to mention the billions of plastic packaging that winds up in landfills once a gift has been opened. In this article we will discuss ways to lessen the damaging impact you’ll have on the planet this holiday season.

December 5th

Think about Your Garbage!

How often do you really think of your garbage? For most of us, the answer is probably not often! Most of us probably do some recycling, maybe you do some composting. And surely you’ve read the scary statistics about food waste? All these waste reduction measures are great and you should keep doing it. But […]

November 13th

Pumpkin Recycling Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, it won’t be long before you find yourself burdened with sagging, smelly old jack-o-lanterns. Some people choose to smash their rotting pumpkins out in the streets or against their garage doors, while others simply throw them in the trash. But is this really the smart thing to do?

October 30th

Scary Food Waste Statistics: An Infographic

Did you know that across the world people waste almost HALF of their food? This means that HALF the food grown by farmers, HALF the food shipped across the globe, HALF the food in the grocery store and HALF the food you purchase ends up wasted. Shocking, right? But there are so many easy ways to reduce food waste: […]

October 7th

Eleven Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

Sure, you have read all about paper conservation… but how many pointers have you adopted in your home or office? There are so many EASY ways to reduce paper waste, and we hope to inspire you with our list of 11 ways to reduce paper waste. Let’s make this a non-issue! What’s your favorite paper-saving […]

August 12th

Entrepreneurship in Solid Waste Management

Not everyone wants to talk about waste, but it’s a pretty damn important topic! Last week our Ecopreneurist Priti Ambini moderated a panel discussion with two entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way we think about waste. The discussion happened last week, but lucky you! There is a YouTube video below that shares their Google Hangout! […]

August 9th

Choosing a Quality Electronics Recycling Company

The ever-increasing demand for computers and personal electronic devices has led to a huge amount of e-waste– you all know this. And you probably know that our economy based on planned obsolescence leads to innovation and super fun, new electronic devices– but that means that their older, less cool counterparts are destined for our waste […]