Dining Out

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Fun Eco-Friendly Apps for Green Living

Living an eco-conscious life can be difficult, luckily smart phones are turning the tide with apps that do much of the ground work for you. Whether you are trying to maintain a vegetarian diet or looking for sustainable seafood at the market, these apps will help you make earth-friendly choices. If you’re looking for some help […]

October 18th

Otarian Serves Up Carbon Footprints With Its Menu

Eating is something we all have to do, but as all earth-conscious people know, fast food restaurants are not the place to do it. And no matter where you eat, you never really know the total impact of your meal on the Earth, right? Not anymore. Radhika Oswal, an Australian environmentalist and vegetarian, founded a […]

July 1st

McDonald’s to Open at the Louvre, Sacre Vache!

First the pyramid entrance, now a McDonald’s fast food restaurant:  what would Louis XIV think of the modern day version of his Palais Louvre? Sure the Sun King was rather garish himself, but nothing can compete with the American icon of the golden arches for bad taste.  The French are known for their fine food […]

October 9th

Sustainable Restaurants Offer Healthy Eating Options

Luckily, the days of dreary “health-food” dining with its meager offerings of bland tofu and alfalfa sprouts are long past.  These days, any city you travel to will likely feature restaurants serving food that is both nutritious and a delight to your palate. Aside from the shift to make healthy food more innovative and appealing, there […]

January 25th

Eco Friendly Dining

Whether you’re on a non-stop extended vacation or you’re visiting a friend in the neighboring town, you can observe some simple rules that make dining out more eco friendly.  Let’s sample the ways we can green our "on-the-road" cuisine.  First, try to choose restaurants that are within walking distance or accessible by public transportation—this gives […]

October 31st