5 Reasons to Choose Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is not only deliciously sweet-smelling and natural, it is a healthy alternative to paraffin candles. This long-burning, soot-free creation has been the lighting staple for homesteading for years and is now becoming popular for modern, urban families as well. Here are 5 reasons to choose beeswax candles.

candle in beeswax
Candle placed in hive where bees than attached new beeswax

1. Beeswax is All Natural

It’s hard to believe that the amazingly perfect hexagonal honeycomb is made entirely by bees. Each perfectly shaped space is made to perfect for holding bee larvae, honey and even pollen. For about a week during their short lives, worker bees are able to convert honey into wax. The sugar in the honey is turned to wax by special glands in the bees¬†abdomen. The way flex are chewed up by the bees and added to the colony’s community honeycomb.

{cc photo courtesy of  Shovelling Son on Flickr}

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