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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Greener Holidays!

If you have the procrastination gene (you know who you are!) then this weekend is your moment to shine. You have just three days left to prepare or gather gifts to give for Christmas.

If these last days before Christmas stress you out, fear not: we’ve put together a quick guide to help you with last minute holiday gifts. This list is pulled from our archives here on GLI and years of green gift-giving experiences.

Edible Holiday Gifts to Give to Foodies!

As a foodie, I like to give edible gifts, like sauerkraut, homemade granola, and definitely cookies – so we’ve included a list of delicious edible things to give for the holiday. Edible gifts are great because they are usually quick to throw together at the last minute, assuming you have the time to head to the store.

DIY Body Care and Skincare Gifts

I love to use yummy products for my skin, but I don’t like using a ton of plastic bottles or chemicals to achieve it. But I do love DIY body care, and these also happen to make great holiday (or any day gifts). These are also the gift that keeps on giving, as your friend will get to use your homemade product for weeks or months to come! Some of my favorite DIY gifts for bath and body include:

Miscellaneous Ideas for Last Minute Gifts

If you’re not feeling particularly enthusiastic about kitchen projects, here are a few extra ideas to give something homemade without too much work!

  • Give your loved ones custom-made gift baskets with your favorite wine, fruits, or locally-made items.
  • Get crafty with a host of nature craft ideas for the holidays
  • Give the gift of a cleaner future with carbon credits. There are lots of carbon credit options: some of our favorites include Cool Effect and Impact Carbon, both of which are rigorously regulated and validated options.
  • Invest! Give a gift of thoughtful investment with sustainable investment and equity crowdfunding options like Wunder Capital or find local projects where your dollars can invest in the future of your community.
  • Give to charity: whatever you are passionate about, there are ways to give. I really like Oxfam’s Unwrapped program, which gives sustainable solutions to people in need around the world to help them become more self-sufficient. And it means you can buy someone goats, which makes me really happy and would gladly accept this as a gift.

Most images from Vibrant Wellness Journal; goats image from Oxfam; feature image of tiny trees by Kari Shea on Unsplash


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