Food and Cuisine

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How to Be Vegan: The Eating Vegan Edition

Learning how to be vegan can seem overwhelming at first, so we’re going to walk you through it, room by room. First up: the kitchen. Going vegan is not a crash diet or cleanse. Veganism is a lifestyle choice that’s all about protecting animals by avoiding animal products. Eating vegan food is definitely a great […]

September 14th

5 Money-saving Sustainable Food Strategies

What do you store your leftovers in? I’m sure, like most people you place them into a plastic tupperware container, however you may be surprised to learn that some food storage options add their own special “flavor” to your leftovers. That flavor may be bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, antimony, or any number of other chemicals that, […]

September 25th

The Importance of Buying Local

Thousands of miles are traveled each day by hundreds upon hundreds of semi-trucks filled with food and items going from west coast to east and back again. How our system works allows for this amount of action to fill a need that could be filled much more easily and without so much fossil fuel usage. […]

August 28th

Healthy Eating for the Family

  There are a lot of things you can do to keep your children and family healthy, safe, and happy but none are likely to have a greater impact on a daily basis than the careful selection of the food they eat. While it remains bizarre how it became common place to consume processed, chemical […]

July 3rd

Natural Home Remedies for Hangovers

Getting hangovers is so fun…until you have one. Then, it’s just hell. Here are the best natural home remedies for that pounding head, queasy stomach, wretching gut, blurry vision, and ears that just won’t…stop…ringing! There are some common elements to a hangover, whether it comes from too much beer, too much whiskey, too much wine, […]

March 17th

Health Benefits of Turmeric

We’re big fans of natural healing here at Green Living Ideas. There are so many wonderful cures found in seeds, roots and leaves! Best of all, these cures don’t have nearly as many side effects (or corporate interests!) as regular pharmaceuticals. One of the most powerful natural medicinals is turmeric. It’s a root related to […]

February 24th

Food Revolution: What is Pink Slime and Why Should you Care?

Ever wondered exactly what is pink slime? Jamie Oliver, charming British chef and passionate activist for real food, breaks down the process, legal here in the United States for rendering ‘unusable’ bits of meat, sinew and stuff after processing the animal, into food for school lunches. Not only is this process revolting to the core, […]

February 7th