Drinking Water

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Could Clouds Power The Planet? Air: HES Thinks So

Finding ways to produce clean, renewable forms of energy is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. In order to be successful in doing so, it seems that we’ll need to “think outside of the box”. Or in the case of Air: HES, this would seem to require thinking outside of the […]

August 25th

Are You Aware Of What’s In Your Drinking Water?

Access to clean drinking water is essential for any community to survive and flourish. In fact, it was this need that compelled the Romans to build a series of aqueducts in 14 different countries, with their longest aqueduct spanning 250 kilometers! Now, just because water can get from one place to another doesn’t necessarily mean […]

July 30th

Soma Water Carafe – A Great Gift This Holiday Season

There are many options for holiday shopping, but I want to tell you about the gift I want to give everyone on my list – the Soma Water Carafe.  I gave myself this gift last December after reading about their campaign on Kickstarter. There was something about the look of the carafe, their promise of […]

December 12th

August is National Water Quality Month!

Every week we are able to share awesome news from Earth Gauge, a project of the National Environmental Education Foundation. August is National Water Quality Month, and it’s an important time to remind our readers that water quality is EVERYONE’s responsibility! Did you know that a typical city block generates more than five times as much […]

August 22nd

What the FRACK? A great video introduction to Fracking!

This awesome little video comes to us from the good people at Earthjustice. Fracking: Things Find a Way, looks at the ways that fracking damages ground water, diminishes air quality, and affects communities in the surrounding areas. Companies are fracking in more areas everyday, and companies are not forthright about which chemicals exactly they are […]

February 13th

7 Ways to Become a Water Conservation Hero

Our Green Dude Segment was with Green Dude Antonio, who is a water purification expert with Pur2o. I’m always surprised by how much I actually don’t know and probably don’t want to know! Anyway, that segment inspired this post about water – how we can conserve it, clean it and use it wisely.

December 3rd

Why Should We Care About Water Conservation (Infographic)

Sonya’s informative post on “15 Easy Ways to Conserve Water” last week was a prelude to this Thursday’s World’s Water Day. She gave us a glimpse of some alarming water usage facts. According to UNWater.Org, … with rapid urbanization and incomes increase, diets are shifting. Meat consumption in particular is expected to rise from 37 […]

March 19th

5 Ways to Wean Off Plastic

Reusable water containers are readily available and a wave of change is moving away from plastic bottles. There is still much to do. and you can keep it going by following these 5 other simple ways to wean off of plastic.

August 9th

Plastic World (Infographic)

Plastic — can you imagine a day without it? It has come to be a component of nearly everything we buy and use, it seems. On the one hand, plastic has made things possible that might not have been possible. On the other hand, there are a few major problems (at least) with its widespread use….

August 1st

BPA Losers: Gaiam Joins Sigg in Consumer Deceit

Oh how the mighty have fallen!  First Sigg announced its aluminum water bottles contained BPA all along, now Gaiam has quietly updated their website to include information that their brand name aluminum bottles leach BPA into its contents too!  If consumers can’t trust such green powerhouses as Gaiam, who can they trust?  Where will the […]

October 8th