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Allen Austin Enters the Cleantech Realm

The transition away from our current fossil fuel-based energy system and toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future calls for a new generation of leadership. These C-level and executive positions could be filled by those with experience in the traditional energy sector, or by people with strong skills in the emerging renewable energy or technology […]

January 8th

Tips To Save Money On Installing Solar Panels

Many renewable energy enthusiasts get frustrated by the cost of installing solar panels on their homes. Fortunately, there are cost-saving alternatives for solar panel installations. Solar panel installations cost less now than ever before. In addition, finding reputable and cheap solar panel installers is easy. When choosing an affordable solar panel installer, it’s important to […]

December 28th

Carrageenan’s Role in Texture

Have you ever thought about the texture in the foods you’re eating? Chances are you probably haven’t because texture, as it relates to food and drinks, frequently goes unnoticed. The irony is we don’t think much about texture unless it stands out as subpar, like when protein milk is grainy or yogurt is too watery. […]

December 3rd