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Published on October 25th, 2018 | by TerraCycle


4 Quick Wins to Make your Home Greener

It’s the buzzword of the construction industry right now and it would be fair to say that homes are being developed with green technologies that would have never been considered just a few years ago. But what about those of you who live in a house that has been standing for a number of years?

This is the reason today’s article has been penned. Rather than focus on the wholesale changes that are often focussed on when it comes to the topic of energy efficiency, this is all about quick wins. Forget solar panels and anything else that might set you back thousands, here is the lowdown on some quick wins that can make your home a lot greener.


Get up to date on your appliances

If you have been in the market for a new appliance, whether it’s a washing machine, dishwasher or anything else which lives in your kitchen, you will have probably come across the energy ratings. Considering how much power these appliance use, this is a pretty essential rating to take into account. Unfortunately, countless homes around the country happen to have an appliance which is either too old to be classified, or just has a poor rating.
If you fall into such a category your home is leaking energy at a rate that’s just too fast. If finances allow, buy a new appliance, and then take a look at home appliances service providers to at least protect the investment.

Don’t lose out to standby

We said that these would be quick hacks, and this next one can really involve just the switch of a button. Standby mode is something that can cost you as much as $100 per year, according to the experts. The vast majority of electrical appliances are fine to be turned off at the plug; it won’t affect their programming in the slightest. As such, turn them off after use, and watch your bills drop as a result.

Your shower head matters

This next suggestion doesn’t necessarily involve switching off a device, but it’s still a quick and easy win and won’t cost you a small fortune.

Nowadays, water efficient shower heads are all the rage, and it’s for very good reason. It’s understood that the typical family could save as much as $250 per year if they invest in one of these heads; they reduce how much hot water you use, but their design means that you don’t really feel this as you stand under them.

Keep the heat in through draught proofing

There are two sides of draught proofing. One is the expensive option, which involves installing professional draught-proofing, and the other is the DIY method. The DIY method just involves plugging as many draught areas in your home as possible, with doors being one of the top priorities. It just means that you won’t have gusts of cold air circling through your home, and your heating bill should benefit as a result.

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