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Published on September 25th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Unique Handbags made from Eco-Friendly Materials

There are more options than ever for green consumers who want to ‘vote with their dollar’ for a better world.

Rummaging through thrift stores is no longer the only way to build your clothing and accessory wardrobe of eco-friendly items, as there are now a huge array of companies offering items that are environmentally conscious and socially beneficial – and now that green consumerism is more mainstream, it’s easier than ever to get items that are super stylish and eco-groovy.

Mother Erth offers a line of clutches, totes, and purses that are beautiful and built on a triple bottom line platform – a business that is good for people, planet, and makes a profit. This social impact company stems from a waste issue: in Asia, manufacturers create plastic + metal packaging material (think drink boxes and snack packages). Much of what they create is used for packaging, but a lot is discarded due to misprints or manufacturing defects.

Unique Handbags made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Mother Erth collects this before it ends up in the waste stream. Artisans in communities in the Philippines then use traditional methods on these non-traditional materials to create unique, handmade purses and totes. These women are then paid fair wages for their work, allowing them to build better futures for their families.

Unique Handbags made from Eco-Friendly Materials

These colorful purses made from eco-friendly materials are also really durable and solid. Their totes are strong enough for large grocery hauls and sturdy enough to stand up to a day at the beach, and their smaller purses and clutches are perfect for a day or night out.

And they are really beautiful: it seems counterintuitive that a bag made from upcycled materials could be so beautiful, but the skill behind the weaving is really quite remarkable: each piece is woven individually, and has a unique personality and color profile that’s either very bright or muted soft grey, silver, and white.

You can learn more about their purpose and mission here, follow their stylings here on Instagram, and get started shopping here.

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