Green Home Decor

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Is Cork the New Bamboo?

For many years bamboo has enjoyed the reputation of sustainable flooring front runner, but cork is now giving bamboo a run for its money. How do they shape up in comparison? Appearance Bamboo is slightly limited in terms of color choice compared to cork.  Using pigments, cork can be dyed almost any color, though many […]

September 13th

GTR: Prefinishing Green Flooring with Carlisle

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief talks with Lindsay Barczuk, Green Programs Coordinator at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, about prefinishing green flooring as an effective way to control VOC-offgassing during home floor installation. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi and welcome to Green Talk, a podcast series from Green Talk helps listeners in […]

April 25th

Make Your Own Solar-Collector Night Lights

Whether you have a kid, or you’re tired of encountering your darkened hallway walls at midnight, or you simply like the ambience of soft lighting and you don’t want to leave a beacon burning all through the night… an energy-saving night light is a must have. It’s true that you can get a perky nocturnal […]

February 29th

Sleep Safely with Organic Bedding

Have you ever been bombarded with allergy sensitivity, asthma attacks, or even more troubling medical conditions, and wondered why?  Sometimes these conditions are caused simply by spending time inside.  The interior of our home is often a more toxic and unnatural environment than what we encounter outside because many of the things that fill our homes constantly […]

January 27th

Wood Flooring and Radiant Heat Systems

We all know that heat rises, but the heat emitted from a radiant flooring system doesn’t simply travel up—it travels out, in all directions. While this is a great and efficient way to heat our interior spaces, it’s not so great for the condition of the wood floor that holds the system … unless we […]

January 8th

5 Lighting Design Tips for Energy Efficiency

If you’re in the process of designing a lighting scheme for a room, a remodeled wing, or a brand new house, remember that energy conservation doesn’t always have to rely upon the latest fancy new technology.  Some common sense and readily available materials often do just fine on their own!  To maximize the energy efficiency […]

December 27th

Eco-Furniture, A Product of Green Design

From the perspective of sustainable furniture designers, waste is a form of design failure.  These designers work to build green furniture that is responsibly harvested from renewable resources, or that incorporates recycled materials, to create furniture that integrates form, function, and eco-friendliness. Let’s take a closer look at options furnished by the sustainable design movement […]

December 18th

Green Flooring for Sustainable Spaces

Awareness of, and interaction with, one’s surroundings is a concept that gets to the very root of why we care about being green.  When you choose the right floor, you have an opportunity to make a commitment to mindful living, to taking better care of a body that is deeply affected by what it walks […]

December 17th

Fireplaces for Home Heating

Fireplaces truly are ancient.  A hearth with a stone or masonry chimney represents a first advance from a fire built on the dirt floor of a house with smoke slowly escaping through the rafters.  We’ve made some progress since the invention of the fireplace, although in many houses that isn’t very evident! A conventional fireplace […]

December 17th

Linoleum Flooring

“Oh, that was natural linoleum you wanted.”  A response you’re likely to hear if you go in search of the true linoleum that’s often confused with vinyl.  Produced in Europe, linoleum is a comfortable, quiet, resilient, and low-toxicity choice sold worldwide in sheets, tiles, or planks.  This flooring option is available in a broad palette […]

November 28th