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30 Cyber Monday Craft Ideas: Don’t Shop, CRAFT!

On Cyber Monday I will not present you with a list of great deals and online places to spend your hard-earned cash. Instead, I will give you a list of my favorite green DIYs to make with your family for your family. Let’s call it Buy Nothing Cyber Day, shall we? Turn to your loved ones, spend time with them and show them love. Material well-being is great but it cannot buy affection.

November 28th

5 Earth Friendly Place Setting Favors

While sitting around the family table, decorations are a focal point and significant detail putting the perfect finish touch on the dining experience. Place settings not only help guests find their seat, they create a welcoming, comforting moment not soon forgotten. Offer guests one of these 5 Earth friendly place settings they can take home and enjoy.

November 17th

10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air

Until recently, nobody suspected there could be anything like indoor air pollution. With the development of technology and the better insulation of buildings in the past decades to save heating costs and to conserve energy, the air indoors gradually grew more stagnant allowing for common household pollutants to accumulate and in turn affect our health.

September 26th

Guys Like Green Girls

A new survey conducted by footwear company Timberland, the “2010 Timberland Eco-Love Survey“, shows that men are looking for eco-friendly and adventurous girls. 54% of men would question starting a relationship with a girl who litters, 27% would question doing so if the girl didn’t recycle, 25% if she didn’t turn the lights off when […]

May 28th

Lighting Ideas to Brighten Every Home

When it comes to choosing energy-efficient light sources for your living space, there is more to consider than what type of bulbs to use.  Many elements play a role in the energy efficiency of a room’s lighting. Here’s a set of guidelines to help plan or update the lighting of a room and use existing […]

December 13th

GTR: Fresh and Functional Eco Furniture with Cisco Brothers

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talk with Cisco Pinedo, owner of Cisco Brothers Corporation, a furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles, California, who is producing an entirely clean and healthy line of sustainable furniture in fresh designs. Click Play Below,or Transcript Female: This program is brought to you by Sean Daily: Hey everybody, this is […]

December 4th

The Best Bedding for Baby

Babies spend so much time sleeping and hanging out in their cribs that they deserve safe, soft, pure places to rest. Here’s what you need to know about the mattresses and bedding that contain potentially harmful chemicals and turn this baby haven into a baby hazard… Certified organic cotton, according to the U.S. Department of […]

October 2nd