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Eek-O-Friendly Halloween Ideas

jack-o-lanternsGreen your Halloween this year by incorporating a few eco-friendly practices. They’ll be great conversation starters too! In this eek-o-friendly, guide, we’ll go through Upcycled DIY decor, post-pumpkin responsibilities, zero waste tips, and deliciously spooky vegan Halloween treats.

Upcycled DIY Halloween Decor

Here are 5 eco-friendly Halloween decorations you can make at home. They are reusable and do not involve buying cheap plastic materials.

Toilet Roll Bats

toilet roll bats








Trick or Treat Bags from Paper Grocery Bags

trick or treat bags













Mummified Candle Jar

Mummy Candle Holders







Halloween Tombstone from Scrap Wood

DIY Tombstones








Pressed-Leaf Pumpkins

pressed leaf pumpkin










[Images used with permission by Filth Wizardry, Daily Danny, Jennie Lyon, Karen Lee]

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