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Published on March 17th, 2010 | by Jennifer Lance


200,000 Electric Cars Coming to Amsterdam by 2040

Amsterdam, the Netherlands is one of my favorite cities in Europe.  The city is known for its predominance of bicycles.  In fact, there are approximately 600,000 bicycles for the 750,000 residents.  There are even bike shops specializing in recycled bikes.  In this city built of narrow streets and canals, cars are definitely a hindrance, but smaller electric vehicles (EV) may fit in.  Amsterdam is investing €3-million (US$4.1-million) in EV development on the way to completely sustainable traffic.

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Amsterdam aims for 100% sustainable traffic by 2040

Amsterdam aims for 100% sustainable traffic by 2040

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As far as sustainable mobility is concerned, the city of Amsterdam continues to lead by example. It has just announced a €3m plan aimed at promoting electric vehicle development. On the schedule: subsidies towards vehicle purchase, financial assistance for companies and incentive measures.  With its voluntarist public policy, Amsterdam is counting on 100% sustainable traffic by 2040.

Last year, Amsterdam partnered with TH!NK to put 500 EVs on the road.   The new investment also involves TH!NK by providing grants amounting to “50% of the additional costs of buying EVs” for companies to replace existing vehicles.  TH!NK CEO Richard Canny explains,

This project from Amsterdam City Council stands out as the most forward-thinking of initiatives in the electric vehicle sector across the whole of Europe. Business and enterprise is at the heart of any major city, and targeting this sector with such generous subsidies we think will change the face of business transport in the city. We are increasing our EV sales forecasts in the Netherlands on the back of this announcement, and urge other forward-thinking, green European cities to follow Amsterdam’s lead with this marvelous initiative.

Other components of Amsterdam’s investment in EVs include preferential, reserved parking spaces and 200 charging stations by 2012.  Amsterdam plans to have  completely “sustainable traffic” in 30 years, which amounts to putting 200,000 EVs on the road.  Hopefully, other cities will follow suit and adopt policies, as well as invest heavily in EVs and the necessary infrastructure.

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