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FDA & TTB Investigate Kombucha for Elevated Alcohol Content

Kombucha tea, made from fermented yeast and bacteria often referred to as a “mushroom“, has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Enjoyed since the 1800s, this beverage is touted for its detoxifying and energy boosting properties.  Small amounts of alcohol are created in the process of fermentation, but the quantity is small enough to classify […]

July 8th

The Future of US Wind Power

It’s amazing to think that wind power could actually be on the decline when the alternative energy sector seems to be just taking off in the United States.  Wind power generation broke records in 2009 with 9.8 GW of new installation; however, this expansion of growth is slowing down dramatically as favorable sites are already […]

June 4th

Urban Air Pollution Increases Blood Pressure

There are many aspects of city life that are stressful.  From traffic to noise, urban residents encounter many situations each day that have the potential to raise their blood pressure.  Even if you live a calm, meditative municipal life, the very air you breathe is enough to raise your blood pressure, according to a new […]

May 17th

US Government and Cancer Society Disagree on Risk of Environmental Chemical Exposure

Last week, the President’s Cancer Panel (the Panel) released a report titled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk“ summarizing research conducted in 2008-2009 on “the state of environmental cancer research, policy, and programs addressing known and potential effects of environmental exposures on cancer.”  The Panel found that “the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly […]

May 11th

Earth Day Ideas: Paper or Plastic Should Not Be an Option

Earth Day is around the corner, and unfortunately, this day makes me cynical and snarky.  Perhaps it’s from years in education seeing teachers make token gestures to celebrate the day, or perhaps it is from years of blogging and reading Earth Day posts…whatever the cause, I’m afraid in many ways Earth Day has lost its […]

April 19th

EPA Ranks Cities by Energy Efficient Buildings

For the second year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has compiled a list of cities with the “most energy efficient buildings”.  To qualify as an energy efficient building, the structure must earn the EPA’s Energy Star label. At the top of the list for the second time is Los Angeles, California with 293 Energy Star […]

April 1st

50,000 Brits Killed by Air Pollution Each Year: Climate Change Targets to Blame

We breathe it in; we breathe it out.  We can’t survive without out, but often the air we breathe is tainted with pollution.  Sometimes is noticeable, such as when visiting smog plagued southern California, but usually we don’t even notice air pollution’s presence.  Pollution from traffic causes genetic changes in utero and increases risk of […]

March 23rd