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Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Enter to Win a Tesla from Climate XChange (Only 1 Month Left!)

Sure, you’ve always wanted an awesome electric car. But the Tesla, one of the most desirable cars on the market, seems out of your price range, costing almost six figures. But the good folks at Climate XChange want you to win a tesla in their Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle, going on now until December 31 2015.

win a tesla climate xchange

Climate XChange is working hard to promote carbon pricing in Massachusetts. As Zachary Shahan of Clean Technica writes, “These people are real, and they are doing real work to tackle perhaps the largest issue that has ever faced human civilization and livability (seriously). They’ve actually been working on this for three years, but I’m sure they still have a lot of work to do to get carbon pricing implemented in Massachusetts. [We] should all be supporting Climate XChange — Tesla raffle or not.”

But let’s get on to the raffle!

This Tesla raffle differs from many others because the winner doesn’t just receive $110,450 to buy a Tesla Model X or Model S — she/he also gets $36,730 to pay for the taxes on that vehicle, so that the new owner can afford to keep and enjoy the Tesla without going into debt!

Climate XChange will also give the winner a Tesla home EV charging station ($750) and the money to have it installed ($500). A nice perk, even if  110V charging is enough for many of us.

And if you don’t luck out and win the car, there are several additional prizes you can win:

  • Two A2B Ferber Electric Bikes
  • Various electric outdoor home care products
  • “Two indoor home care products that simplify your life and have no carbon emissions!” (details on the website)
  • An iRobot vacuum cleaner
  • 24 hours with a Tesla Model S

Note that the raffle closes on December 31 at 9:00 pm, and the drawing will be a few hours later.

win a tesla climate xchange

But the most important thing about this raffle is that is helps raise awareness about the importance of carbon pricing: adding a real cost for the use of fossil fuels, which are currently externalized.

On Gas2, Steve Hanley explains the importance of carbon pricing for our renewable energy future:

“The problem with fossil fuels is, the companies that sell them have figured out how to avoid paying the true cost of using them. The cost of the illness and disease that result from polluted air, polluted water, and polluted land are often paid for by you, the taxpayer. Those costs are hidden in your tax bills. You can’t see them, but they are there. In addition, the nations of the world give away more than $400 billion dollars a year in subsidies to fossil fuel companies, according to a recent report from Oil Change International. Add in the trillions of dollars the United States has spent on our military to protect our access to foreign oil over the past 70 years and a truly staggering amount of money has been spent to support fossil fuel industries, all of it paid for by US taxpayers.

“Market-based carbon pricing measures will not only help fend off the worst effects of climate change, they will remove an enormous albatross from around the necks of American taxpayers. That can provide a much needed boost to our economy and lead to as many as 2,000,000 new jobs in the renewable energy industry. The province of British Columbia has already proven that carbon pricing works to reduce the use of fossil fuels and boost the local economy. The states of Washington and Massachusetts have bills pending that will put carbon pricing policies in effect. The city of Portland, Oregon, has just enacted new laws that ban new facilities to store or transport fossil fuels.”

To learn more about carbon pricing, check out Elon Musk of Tesla explains why carbon pricing is so very important:

This post has been sponsored by Climate Xchange; Climate XChange has no affiliation with or sponsorship by Tesla Motors Company.

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