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Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Choices

The holidays are a great time for families and friends to come together and enjoy conversation and good times and your dinnerware can actually spark some great conversations about being eco-conscious. Here are some great eco-friendly dinnerware choices for those who are avid environmentalists or those just venturing in to the world of green living.

November 15th

Creative Reuse of Packaging

Reducing waste is one of the main concerns of modern society. In a strive to minimize industrial processes and maximize the fun of everyday life a Costa Rica University implements possible creative reuses and implementations of what before went straight to the trash.

October 20th

Fall is a Great Time for Recycling Clothes

Most recycled clothes are gently used or can still have their tags making them a valuable gift for someone less fortunate. And less face it, there are many falling into that category today. Here is why fall is a great time for recycling clothes and who those clothes can benefit.

September 20th

The Muncher; Garbage Eating Industrial Composting Machine

Wouldn’t it be great if world’s garbage did not end up in landfills or be incinerated? And wouldn’t it be great if you can throw out your garbage and a big composting machine can turn it into nutrient filled mulch in matter of hours and not months or years? If a green technology company called Ecologico-Logic had its way, it just may be possible to turn garbage into plant food and we don’t have to worry about clogging landfills or polluting the air.

[Top image: Artist rendering of 50 ton per day capacity muncher by Jacob Dickinson, used with permission from Ecologic Logic]

September 10th

How To Make Sour Cream

Instead of clogging up the recycle bin, why not make your own sour cream and save both the environment and your wallet? Making this dairy staple takes only two ingredients and a container for storage, preferably glass.

August 18th

10 Ways to Green Back To School and Save Money

It might still feel like summer in some parts of the country but it’s “back-to-school” season. But before you go out and start outfitting your future scholars with everything for a new academic year, think of ways to green their “back-to-school” while keeping your money in your wallet. Here are ten great ways to green […]

August 12th

Plastic World (Infographic)

Plastic — can you imagine a day without it? It has come to be a component of nearly everything we buy and use, it seems. On the one hand, plastic has made things possible that might not have been possible. On the other hand, there are a few major problems (at least) with its widespread use….

August 1st

Guys Like Green Girls

A new survey conducted by footwear company Timberland, the “2010 Timberland Eco-Love Survey“, shows that men are looking for eco-friendly and adventurous girls. 54% of men would question starting a relationship with a girl who litters, 27% would question doing so if the girl didn’t recycle, 25% if she didn’t turn the lights off when […]

May 28th

Where Does Your Garbage Go? MIT Wants To Find Out

You buy something, bring it home, unwrap it, and toss the package in the trash can. On garbage day you put it all into a bigger trash can out on the curb and the magical garbage truck takes it away. But where does the garbage truck take the trash? Well, a landfill, or it gets […]

August 3rd

5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Even though Earth Day was one month ago today, every day is Earth Day around here. Here are some tips to incorporate Earth Day’s ideals and values in your own life throughout the year. Recycle– Take a solid look at your trash. Even if you have green intentions, it’s likely that you probably have some […]

May 22nd

Visit Recycling Centers for Eco Friendly Living

If you are at all interested in eco-friendly living, you’ve probably been doing some recycling.  However, before you give yourself a green star, you may want to visit your recycling center to be sure you are really doing all you can to recycle and reduce waste in your area.  Here are some tips for recycling […]

October 22nd

Recycled Oil is Important for Green Living

If you’re invested in green living, one of the first things to focus on is your car.  If you change your own car oil, make sure to recycle it properly.  While that used oil looks downright gross, recycled oil is a very valuable resource that keeps just that much more new oil from being needed.  Follow these simple steps for […]

October 22nd

Recycling Paper With Sustainable Living

As you lug yet another pile of paper to your local recycling center, you may be wondering exactly how spending all of that gas money to get it there works with your green living goals.  Here’s a hint: You may want to save yourself, and the economy, from the dangerous fuel omissions and try recycling […]

October 22nd