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Can You be Plastic-Free?

A couple of years ago, Rodale asked me to participate in their Plastic-Free February challenge. Without hesitating, I said yes, thinking I was already using my reusable shopping bags and storing food in glass and other non-plastic containers whenever possible. I was no fan of plastic. This should be easy and kind of fun, right?

April 1st

Get Your Compost On!

Though some yards and balconies might be covered in snow at this moment, it’s still a great time to think about composting! Composting uses food scraps, manure, leaves, yard trimmings and more to create a nourishing and important addition to your yard or garden. There are so many ways to compost: worms, black soldier flies, […]

March 4th

Press Release: TerraCycle Creates Recycling Oppurtunities for Students

Recycling pioneer TerraCycle, Inc. is the newest partner of online fundraising program GoEco! The Ultimate Eco-Fundraiser. Schools and other non-profit organizations, including TerraCycle Brigade members, can earn 15% from the online sale of hundreds of eco-friendly, upcycled TerraCycle products just by signing up for GoEco! Participation with GoEco! is the second way schools and non-profits […]

March 1st

Crafting a Green World Now Offers Share and Swap

After years of planning and months of development, Crafting a Green World officially launches its brand new Share and Swap resource TODAY! The Share and Swap is a free space where crafters can offer up supplies to give away, post for supplies that they need, and list supplies for trade.     This is a […]

February 11th

The Green Can is recycling for everyone!

Many things in life are not financially profitable, however that doesn’t mean they are not the correct thing to do. Recycling typically falls into this category, and The Green Can has found a way to correct this social issue and others at the same time. The Green Can offers free recycling to apartment / condo […]

January 8th

On Garbage Cans, Recycling and the Responsibility of Garbage

Several months ago, it might have been a year ago at this point, I had this amazing suggestion for the New York City Hotline “311” – (A service where citizens of New York City could call in with suggestions, questions, and to make reports on disturbances, or just praise activities and City undertakings) – offer […]

November 28th

Tips For a Green Thanksgiving

The holidays are quickly approaching, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the holiday season is a time of year which sees a huge increase is global waste.

November 21st

Easy DIY Gift Ideas for the Non-Crafty Green Diva

I’m not the craftiest green diva, but I have been so inspired by some of my creative friends lately. Pinterest has become a visual buffet of craft porn and I’ve been having this urge to stop everything, run to Michael’s for supplies and get creative with so much of the old stuff lying around here.

September 26th

Getting Greener the Practical & Fun Way

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Paul) anytime Podcast here! A rather fun show this week. Perhaps it was all that talk about food and natural and creative ways to dye easter eggs. Or maybe it was Meghan Van Dyk, being in the studio with us for the whole show. Not […]

April 9th

Give up the Fluff and Buy Recycled Toilet Paper

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! We celebrated in the studio by talking about green beer . . . not the color silly, sustainably brewed beer! We had fun with our Sleeping Naked is Green segment talking about good reasons to use recycled toilet paper and paper towels. Our first Getting Local with the Green Divas segment […]

March 19th