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Recycled Paper for Eco Friendly Living

Have you ever looked at your toilet paper and wondered exactly where they got the recycled part of the tissue?  Don’t worry—it wasn’t from used toilet paper!  Junk mail, newsprint, and light cardboard make up most of that recycled content.  Using recycled paper products is an important part of eco friendly living because: Using recycled […]

October 22nd

Make Eco Living Fun by Recycling Cans

Recycling doesn’t always have to be boring—you can have fun and practice eco living by recycling cans into crafts.  Soda cans can become elaborate dollhouse furniture and coffee cans make great flower pots.  Here are a few fun and easy ideas for recycling cans into crafts: Create sidewalk lanterns, called luminaries, by using nails and […]

October 22nd

10 Uses for Egg Cartons

At one time or another, many households in America have a stockpile of egg cartons sitting in the recycling bin.  Have you ever thought of or employed useful ways to reuse this nifty container?  By reusing items, you minimize production energy associated with sending them packing off for transformation into something new. Egg cartons ingeniously cradle fragile cargo.  The […]

October 22nd

Your How-To Guide to Recycling

We’ve been told for years, "reduce, reuse, recycle!"  But does all of this recycling really make a difference?  Is the planet truly rewarded by our efforts?  Many scientists and environmental consultants say that simply recycling isn’t enough to combat all of the energy waste created on this planet—which is entirely true. Some people get heartily […]

October 21st