Tea & Coffee

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Tealet: Sharing Responsible, Sustainable Tea with the World

Among the companies we love here at Green Living Ideas is an international tea wholesaler called Tealet. The company was founded by a Elyse Petersen, who completed her MBA at the University of Hawaii and who was a leader of the Net Impact chapter there. (Net Impact is a non-profit organization focused on sustainable business; we […]

July 8th

DIY Delicious: Homemade Herbal Teas

During warmer months I love coming home to some cold iced herbal teas. Though I cannot surrender my hot green jasmine tea in the morning, warm afternoons require something a bit more refreshing, and there are often at least two varieties of iced herbal teas in the fridge at any given time. The following are […]

May 6th

Where does that Earl Grey tea come from?

Tea is one of those commodities that should be subject to Fair Trade standards and in my humble opinion should be organic and non-GMO as well — for the enjoyment and health of the tea drinker as well as those who work on the farms, which are often in faraway places where the potential for unsafe and unfair practices has been common.

April 8th

Tiny Bubbles: Homemade Vegan Water Kefir, Step by Step!

Awhile ago I wrote about the joy of my first homemade fermentation experiments with Water Kefir. Here is a thorough step-by-step process for how to make your own homemade (vegan) water kefir for your fizzy drinking pleasure. Why might you want to drink kefir? Well, it’s loaded with probiotics and healthy acids. It’s bubbly and […]

March 2nd