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DIY Delicious: Homemade Herbal Teas

During warmer months I love coming home to some cold iced herbal teas. Though I cannot surrender my hot green jasmine tea in the morning, warm afternoons require something a bit more refreshing, and there are often at least two varieties of iced herbal teas in the fridge at any given time. The following are some simple recipes for delicious homemade herbal teas that you can serve throughout the summer. If you are pregnant be sure to check with your health care provider about which teas are safe for pregnancy.

Lemon Vanilla Tisane

2 Tablespoons chopped lemongrass (fresh or dried)
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon zest
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 chopped vanilla bean

fresh vanilla beans for tea!

fresh vanilla beans for tea!

Hot Pink Hibiscus Tea (Jamaica Tea)

2 Tablespoons dried hibiscus tea
Lemon, to taste
Sweetener, to taste

dried hibuscus flowers for tea

dried hibiscus flowers for tea

Sweet Licorice Mint Tisane

3 Tablespoons dried peppermint leaf
1 Tablespoon fennel seed
1 Tablespoon licorice root


  1. Add all tea ingredients to a large jar or bowl.
  2. Bring four cups filtered water to a boil. Pour boiling water over tea and cover. Steep for 10 minutes. Strain, and let cool to room temperature. Add additional lemon or sweetener to taste. Serve over ice and enjoy!
  3. All tea leftovers can be refrigerated in a glass jar for about three days.
    licorice mint and hibiscus teas

    licorice mint and hibiscus teas

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