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10 Ways to Green Back To School and Save Money

It might still feel like summer in some parts of the country but it’s “back-to-school” season. But before you go out and start outfitting your future scholars with everything for a new academic year, think of ways to green their “back-to-school” while keeping your money in your wallet. Here are ten great ways to green […]

August 12th

5 Ways to Wean Off Plastic

Reusable water containers are readily available and a wave of change is moving away from plastic bottles. There is still much to do. and you can keep it going by following these 5 other simple ways to wean off of plastic.

August 9th

Plastic World (Infographic)

Plastic — can you imagine a day without it? It has come to be a component of nearly everything we buy and use, it seems. On the one hand, plastic has made things possible that might not have been possible. On the other hand, there are a few major problems (at least) with its widespread use….

August 1st

Incredible Sculptures Created from Recycled Circuit Boards

It’s incredible just what you can do with a few old printed circuit boards and a bit of imagination. Steven Rodrig has created these hauntingly beautiful pieces from the innards of dead computers, reprocessing their abandoned circuitry into animals and plants from the natural world. Chipsets, wires and ports become turtles, cacti and dragonflies. There’s […]

April 8th

Container Living: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Mobile Home

Move over mobile homes, container living is here to stay. Once confined to scrap metal yards or landfills, shipping containers are quickly becoming the darlings of the modern architectural world.  Easily transportable, widely available and practically indestructible, these metal boxes just may be an answer to the worldwide housing crisis.

July 17th

5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Even though Earth Day was one month ago today, every day is Earth Day around here. Here are some tips to incorporate Earth Day’s ideals and values in your own life throughout the year. Recycle– Take a solid look at your trash. Even if you have green intentions, it’s likely that you probably have some […]

May 22nd

GTR: Reusing Goods Using Online Communities with Zwaggle

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks tips for parents in buying, exchanging, and reusing goods using web-based communities with blogger Carmen Staicer of Click Play Below,or Transcript   Woman:  This program is brought to you by Sean Daily:  Hi, and welcome to Green Talk, a podcast seriesfrom  Green Talk helps listeners in […]

September 20th

GTR: Recycled and Reused Retail Goods with Savers

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses retail goods business models and the market for second-hand goods with Tony Shumpert, Vice President of Operations with Savers Recycling, Inc. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi everybody, this is Sean Daily with GreenTalk Radio and now also on the personal live media network. Welcome to another […]

June 18th

Reuse Resources on the Web

The internet abounds with ideas for reusing materials that you might otherwise throw away. Here are a few resources to help you start turning your “trash” into treasure and to give you some ideas for brainstorming your own reuse projects… EtsyLabs provides an easy to follow tutorial on how to fuse plastic grocery bags into […]

March 14th

The Green Basics of Reuse Philosophy

Grandpa remembers a farmyard scrap heap—a pile in back of the barn containing tractor engine bolts, lengths of fencing wire, nails, and old tool handles.  Grandma remembers summer dresses and dish towels made from flour sacks, pouring her milk from a bottle that she’ll later use as a vase for daisies, and drinking it from […]

December 18th

How to Reuse Those Old Tires

While many people don’t give tires a second thought beyond inflating air pressure from time to time, those big, old pieces of rubber are actually quite useful for someone who practices sustainable living.  Tire reuse right in your back yard doesn’t just make the trash pile at the dump smaller; it also saves you money […]

October 22nd

10 Uses for Egg Cartons

At one time or another, many households in America have a stockpile of egg cartons sitting in the recycling bin.  Have you ever thought of or employed useful ways to reuse this nifty container?  By reusing items, you minimize production energy associated with sending them packing off for transformation into something new. Egg cartons ingeniously cradle fragile cargo.  The […]

October 22nd