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Published on January 3rd, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Eco-Friendly Journal Ideas for the New Year

With a new year can come new stress and maybe some old anxieties that stuck around after the holidays. Health and wellness isn’t all about physical well being, it’s also all about mental function as well. One method for staying on track with resolutions for the new year is journaling.  It’s not only a good way to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise, it’s a great way to track emotions and stress levels. Reflecting on past posts can help pinpoint the cause of anxiety and emotional difficulties which can help in creating a plan for dealing with stress before it becomes out of control.

If you’d like to give journaling a try this year, don’t go out a pay a fortune for an expensive journal. You can either make one, like our sister site, Crafting a Green World shows us how, using recycled materials, or you can try one of these ideas.

Here are just a few eco-friendly journal ideas for the New Year.



Your virtual world can make many aspects of your life much easier and your computer is probably the most eco-savvy method for journaling. It’s also neat, tidy and easy to maintain over the years. There are several online journal options available like Livejournal, or you can start a blog and keep it private. If posting your personal thoughts online isn’t within your safety net you can also maintain a running journal on your home word processing program.
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recycled journal

Recycled journal

Recycled Journal

If you need the pen and paper than look for a journal that is made from recycled  materials. There are several on the market, like this one from Ecojot, which are healthier for Mother Earth and cute to look at. You can also make your own by collecting scrap paper from the printer area at work. Stack together, staple the edge and add some pretty binding by gluing on decorative paper or ribbon on the spine.
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daily calendar

Desk calendar

Desk Calendar

These calendars are so popular and come in some many styles and varieties. At the end of the day simply tear off the sheet and write down the highs and lows or your day, big events that occurred or anything else you’d like to remember. You can maintain your year in a box, in a stack tied with a ribbon or rubber band or simply place them in an envelope or file for safe keeping.

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How do you keep track of your New Year’s resolutions? Do you use eco-friendly journals?

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