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Honoring Earth with Yule Log Creations

This holiday season take a trip back to the primitive winter celebration of Yule. Traditionally a Pagan holiday, Yule has been embraced by many environmental-minded individuals as a way to honor the earth and the abundance nature brings. Families celebrate the highs and lows of the year while making way for exciting things to come.

Here are a few fun activities for honoring Earth with your own Yule log creations.

beautiful fire

Beautiful ignited Yule log

1. Burn a Yule Log

The yule log is symbolic of the year. It holds all the wonderful things families have enjoyed while including difficulties they may have endured. Lighting the yule log allows families to let go of negative thoughts and regrets they may be holding on to while celebrating happy moments and successes. Traditionally families keep a piece of the yule log which they will use to help light next year’s fire. The activity can take place in front of a fire place, a fire pit outside or even around the barbeque grill.

{CC photo courtesy of JimmyMac210 on Flickr}

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