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Published on October 7th, 2013 | by Green News

Scary Food Waste Statistics: An Infographic

Did you know that across the world people waste almost HALF of their food? This means that HALF the food grown by farmers, HALF the food shipped across the globe, HALF the food in the grocery store and HALF the food you purchase ends up wasted. Shocking, right?

But there are so many easy ways to reduce food waste: learning how to buy foods properly, store foods properly, and cook food properly will all reduce the waste that is filling up our landfills and making all the hard farm work for naught. Not only can we reduce our food waste, we can look at clever ways of repurposing it into hydrogen fuel or other types of energy. It could even be a profitable venture for some enterprising folks!

{Want to learn even more about food waste? Head over to Eat. Drink Better for lots of great posts!}

Here’s a great infographic from A-Z Solutions explaining just how big a problem food waste is:

21 Shocking U.S. Food Waste Facts & Statistics - Infographic

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 Food waste image from Shutterstock

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