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Recycling: The Resourceful Attitude Which is Saving the World

Recycling is rapidly becoming the most popular way to dispose of household and business waste. And with many reports now showing that recycling is more beneficial to the planet than our traditional ways of getting rid of rubbish, which include incineration and landfill, this trend is set to rise even further. 

There are now even businesses such as SCRAP Creative Reuse in Leeds who collect excess business waste and then sell it to art professionals at reduced rates for building and crafting materials. A resourceful re-use and re-purposing of rubbish that would otherwise go to landfill.

Community Input

Local communities are also starting to get involved with many online petitions being formed. Others have asked local councils for better access to quality recycling services either in the form of door to door collection or large recycling centres, that are conveniently located to ensure that they will be sued to the maximum potential. Construction contractors like JP Concrete are starting to recognise the demand for construction materials that will stand up to the demands of large and well used sites and are providing specialist services to ensure that the needs of the constructions staff, designers and service users are all being met. 

The Economic Influence

It is interesting that recycling has started taking off given the current economic climate we are living in. As wallets shrink, people become much more involved with the principals behind recycling such as reducing waste, reusing goods, re-purposing objects and recycling materials to create new from old. When times are tough the natural resourcefulness of human nature is what helps us prevail and get through the bad times successfully, and this time it seems like we might be interested in helping our planet too.

The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is great for the planet for so many reasons, far too many to even list here let alone go into any detail. But the basics are that if we don’t stop stripping our planet of its natural resources without somehow replenishing its stores then eventually we are going to run out of these fossil fuels. Leaving us with potentially limited resources. As such, taking a proactive approach and developing ways of stretching natural resources through the ‘reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle’ ethos is key to ensuring our successful survival in the future. 

If you have a further interest in recycling, want to learn more and maybe even get involved then take the time to read this thorough explanation of why recycling is good and how to go about getting started by Friends of the Earth.

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