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Can Pets Boost Your Health?

Owning a pet is good way for you to boost your health, fact! There is no denying that sharing your life with a member of the animal kingdom enriches your life immeasurably. It is no accident that we have evolved together, entwined our histories so much that the power of our bond is unbreakable, so […]

June 18th

Tips for staying cool & having fun in a heat wave

I’m not sure what the temperature is where you are, but here in New Jersey we are experiencing a string of seriously steamy days that makes going out the door feel more like walking into a sauna. Everyone seems a little cranky and we are all getting weary from talk of the weather and idiotic posts on Facebook about popped corn and God cooking NJ (yes, I am guilty of sharing both of these, because they made me LOL at a weak moment and I just couldn’t help myself).

July 23rd

Toyota Prius Plugin MPG Challenge for Charity

I’m thrilled to be participating in Toyota’s Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge. For the next 30 days, I’ll be driving a Prius plugin hybrid to win money for Eleventh Hour Rescue. I’ve got some serious competition with my green colleagues – Earth Day New York, Inhabitat, EcoKaren, Green Living Guy (aka Green Dude Seth Leitman), Green-4-U, and New York Green Advocate.

July 15th

Make Your Own Chicken Feed

For a while I fed our backyard gals feed store varieties of feed. I thought for sure the bag of food had some magical properties that sustained our girls and kept them producing gorgeous, tasty eggs. After learning about the dangers of GMOs though I had to take a look at what was being fed to our poultry darlings. Some research showed not only could our chickens be sustained mostly on scraps and free ranging, but that feed could be made easily and cost-efficiently. You can make your own chicken feed to save money and avoid GMO ingredients.

February 9th

Morton’s Pet Safe-T-Melt Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that winter is right around the corner, but being prepared is half of the battle. It may seem as easy as grabbing a jug of ice melt from the store, but like different shampoos clean our hair, not all ice melts are created equal. Choosing the wrong melter can not only […]

December 10th

Homemade Dog Food Serves Up Natural Nourishment

When it comes to feeding your dog, there are now many sustainably produced, organically prepared foods on the shelves.  These natural dog foods are far superior to most commercial brands, which are often made with poor quality ingredients, animal by-products, artificial colors, and preservatives. While you can buy healthy food for your canine pal, the […]

February 26th

Holistic Pet Care

Your animal companion can become an eco-friendly pet for an eco-friendly pet owner as you implement green living practices into your animal’s care. Feeding your pet sustainably produced and organic foods, using green pet products, and keeping as much pet waste out of the landfill as possible are simple ways to green your pet’s experience with the […]

December 17th

5 Natural Flea Treatments

You don’t have to depend on toxic pesticides to get a handle on your pets’ mobile flea population! Some of the best natural flea deterrents can be found in your kitchen or herb garden . . . If your dog or cat is suffering from fleas, make a “tea” of lemon peel and water, and […]

November 20th

Green Living and Your Dog

Many of us are concerned with ways that we can encourage green living practices for our families because we want them to be as healthy as possible, and we want to keep the earth healthy too.  Don’t forget the family dog!  Spot can also live a green, healthy life, and one of the first places to start is […]

November 6th