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Prince Lorenzo Borghese Giving Pets the Royal Treatment

prince lorenzo borgheseThis week’s show went to the dogs! Well not really, but we did dedicate the show to pets — from the furry and fluffy to the slimy and scaly and of course the feathery. All the Green Divas (and new audio green dude, Rob) in the studio for this week’s show are pet owners and lovers, and we wanted to share some ideas on how to keep your pets green, healthy and happy. Our feature interview was with Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who talked about his love of animals and how he developed a wonderful line of organic and healthy pet products, The Royal Treatment. Cute right? Yes, Lorenzo is adorable, but I meant the name!

Green Diva Meg's 3-day detox with the beatles

On a non-pet note: This week Green Diva Meg documented her detox experience with a Kaeng Raeng (pronounced Kang Rang) 3-day detox program. Kaeng Raeng is Thai for, “be heathy, be strong.” Check out her posts on this — Healthy Detox, Green Diva Style and Green Diva Healthy Detox: With a Little Help From my Friends

Listen to the podcast of this fun, furry and fabulous Green Divas Radio Show!

green divas meg and lisa
GD Correspondent: Green Diva Lisa McWilliams

Happy Sibling Day? This week’s GD Correspondent was GD Lisa McWilliams (aka GD Meg’s sis). GD Lisa is living up in Maine and called in to discuss the upcoming tourist season in “Vacationland.” Keeping with the theme of green pets for the show, GD Lisa found a few great resources for pet owners to help our beloved animal companions to keep it green. One site, Planet Pet, donates 2% of its proceeds to service dogs and sells recycled pet toys. Another fabulous pet site is Mutt Nose Best which is located in Maine but will ship products anywhere. They have an array of products ranging form U. Tick Me Off to U. Berry Itchy Dog.

Traveling with a pet? GD Lisa told us about this great website,, which helps pet owners find hotels that are pet-friendly across the U.S.

Did you know . . .

a medium-sized dog’s ecological footprint is equivalent
to driving 60,213 miles in an SUV

. . . read on to find out more.

GD Lisa also gave us a couple of surprising facts about dog and cat carbon paw prints — We did not know (until Lisa told us) that a medium dog’s ecological footprint is equivalent to driving 60,213 miles in an SUV! Cats are about the same but in a compact car, which we thought was hilarious for some reason, but it makes sense. Most of this comes from their food. There are tons of recipes online for you to make your own pet food if you want to help keep your furry friend’s “paw” print down.


The Green Divas love animals and their pets. It is so important to make sure that your pet is getting the best food and products to keep them healthy and happy. Recently, GD Meg adopted a rescue dog, Gracie from 11th Hour Rescue, a shelter that saves dogs from kill shelters from all over the east coast (primarily, although Gracie came from Texas). If you are thinking of getting a new dog, PLEASE avoid puppy mills and stores that get their pets from puppy mills. Do your homework and if you can, adopt a pet from a shelter.

green diva gracie mae in her Stand up 2 Cancer collargreen diva gracie mae with her Stand up to Cancer leash

Stand Up 2 Cancer sells their own pet gear line — Cancer Bites — to help raise money for their awesome initiatives. Green Diva Meg’s very own Gracie has been sporting its collar and leash to support cancer research.

Something Smells Fishy – GD Michele Hollow publishes a wonderful blog called, Pet News and Views and did a recent article, Something Smells Fishy about the sale of tropical fish. In fact, ever since the release of Finding Nemo, clownfish have nearly gone extinct, due to the high demand for private ownership. This high demand has caused an ecological disaster, which people fear will happen again once the sequel Finding Dory comes out. Please research where the tropical fish you are considering buying really come from, and how it will effect out ecosystems and the fish themselves.

GD Mizar’s DIY: Green Pets

DIY upcycled kitty hammock

This week’s special upcycling project was featured pets, of course!  Green Diva Mizar had a special connection to this weeks project because she has three adorable kitties. As any cat owner knows, cats love to nap. This week GD Mizar made awesome kitty hammocks from old materials she had around the house. Hard to imagine a cat that wouldn’t LOVE this.

Read GD Mizar’s post on how to make the Kitty Hammockwith pictures and step-by-step directions and meet her menagerie of pets and see some other fun DIY upcycling projects for pets!

Listen to the fun 5-minute segment on GD Mizar’s DIY upcycling for pets podcast

Feature Interview: Prince Lorenzo Borghese-Royal Treatment

prince lorenzo borghese and belleThis week we got to speak to royalty! Prince Lorenzo Borghese called us to talk about his natural line of pet products — Royal Treatment. All the products on Royal Treatment use the finest natural products for bath and body. Borghese created the line because he could not find safe and effective products for his own eleven-year-old black lab, Belle.

Royal Treatment product include grooming products, dog treats, and even leopard print pee pee pads!

Besides creating this natural product lines for pets, Lorenzo is  very involved in many charities and organizations that benefit animals. One is Animal Aid, which educates people on a range of topics like animal abuse from puppy mills, or initiates petitions like the anti-gas chamber petition.

Listen to the podcast of this fun, furry and fabulous Green Divas Radio Show!

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