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Why Vinegar Will Take Over the World

Today we have another post from Tara! Check out her previous post about proper worm bin maintenance here. Tara has long been a writer, and she currently spends most of her time bouncing around between different tropical islands helping set up composting systems and blogging. Learn more about her Compost consulting and her current farm […]

June 24th

Quick Fixes for Stinky Worm Compost Bins

Green Living Ideas is super happy to welcome yet another writer to our team, Tara O’Brien. Tara is a recent college graduate with an individualize degree program titled “Sustainable Health Education,” focusing on teaching people about health, the earth, and the various ways this two subjects could be combined. This degree led her to find […]

June 20th

Top 15 Food Plants that Grow in the Shade

Green Living Ideas is happy to welcome our newest writer, Jami Scholl. Jami is a Life Coach for WellBeing with a passion for creating beautiful permaculture gardens and food abundant communities. She is co-developing the area of PermaCoaching, and has experience in the areas where food, health and politics meet. She is an all-around creative, […]

June 18th

Spring Allergy Relief & Saving the Rainforest

Yes, spring has sprung around here! Trees and flowers are blooming and buds of summer fun are everywhere, and so of course are many of our allergies. We are located in what is known as “allergy alley” here in northern NJ. Green Dude Eco Ed did a nice report on some natural ways to alleviate allergy suffering.

May 6th

Get Your Compost On!

Though some yards and balconies might be covered in snow at this moment, it’s still a great time to think about composting! Composting uses food scraps, manure, leaves, yard trimmings and more to create a nourishing and important addition to your yard or garden. There are so many ways to compost: worms, black soldier flies, […]

March 4th

Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Landscape

Improving your outside living area can be accomplished in many ways- without all that lawn to maintain! Shrubs, trees and flowers are essential components of eco-friendly landscaping. And varying types of plants, flowers, edible plants and those that attract beneficial insects can increase the beauty of your garden and improve the surrounding microclimate. Create a […]

February 17th

The Coolest Solar-Powered Garden Features

It’s easy being green! More and more people are making the effort to live a greener lifestyle, and there has been an increase in the different types of sustainable and environmentally friendly technology available. Renewable energy technologies have come a long way, and they are much more efficient and adept at capturing, storing and using […]

January 17th

How to Remove Skunk Spray the Green Way

Summer’s around the corner bringing us into the great outdoors for camp outs and hikes. Each step we take into the woods increases our chances of running into one of Mother Nature’s creatures. It’s always a good idea to make as much noise as possible when hiking to warn creatures of your approach. Skunks are one of those critters to avoid. With the power to tax your olfactory system, a skunk’s spray can bring a walk in the wild to a screaming halt.

When your walk in the wild turns into a stroll through smellyville, here is how to remove skunk spray the green way.

Electric Cars: Real v. Compliance {video}

You’re probably aware that there are a lot of new electric cars coming out. Thanks to California zero-emissions regulations, which have been adopted by several states in the northeast as well as the northwest, many car manufacturers have incentive to create new zero-emission electric cars. Good right? Well . . .

May 21st