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Community Garden Plots: Make the Most of Limited Space

Tomato dreams and hot pepper fantasies unite apartment dwellers and homeowners in community gardens. Some gardeners are strictly production focused, while others look forward to human-to-human interactions that humanize our increasingly computerized lives. Yet no matter who you are or what you are growing, everyone has the same options for plot size in community gardens. […]

November 12th

Fall Garden: How to Plant Garlic

It’s the middle of fall foliage time here in the Midwest, when harvests of apples, persimmons and pumpkins hits an all time high. Spiced cider delights the tongue and most of the fall planting has long since been finished– but not all! For the ambitious gardeners out there, there is still time to get some […]

November 5th

20 Edible Companion Plants for Black Walnuts

Let me introduce you to the glorious and hated Black Walnut. During the fall black walnuts start dropping from the trees; it’s a time of year when some of us think of wearing hard hats when walking around! These beautiful trees create large green balls that are as hard as rocks and a famous for […]

October 24th

How to Choose Pumpkins for Eating and Growing

October is the month of harvest: pumpkins are harvested for jack o’ lanterns and winter squashes are picked to be stored for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Pumpkins and winter squash can be harvested and stored through much of the winter – if you know how to choose, grow and store them properly. Is there a difference […]

October 8th

Tips to Prepare your Garden for Winter

A lot of people use raised garden beds to plant vegetables in during the summer time. This is an inexpensive and clean looking way to have your own organic produce fresh and close by. What many people forget about is the health of the soil in their bed. Once the bed stops producing for the […]

September 30th

Tips for Planting Fruit Trees

You’ve spent hours measuring, sketching dreaming of safe fresh food from your own garden. You’ve even determined what vegetable plants you want to grow, such as garlic, and not grow, such as artichokes. Yet it has come to the point in the plan where you see those squiggly round circles that designate fruit trees when […]

September 24th

Regenerative Agriculture and Our Food Crisis

Rather than being inspired to change our nasty, greedy habits after watching films like Super Size Me and Food Inc., it seems as if many Americans have simply rolled over and given up. After watching these films I too sunk into a “this is all too grand for me to make a difference” depression. My […]

September 19th

Planning a Perfect Kitchen Garden

Today we have another post from Jami Scholl: Jami is a permaculture/wellness expert, and has experience in the areas where food, health and politics meet. She is an all-around creative, hiker, and a mom gifted with the superpower to to create beautiful solutions. Follow her on Twitter @jamischoll, on Facebook,, and on GoodVeg’s A Subversive Plot. […]

September 17th

Introduction to Permaculture, part 2

Just a few weeks ago, we did an Introduction to Permaculture looking at some of the basics of this holistic growing practice. Today we have more to add to our introduction to permaculture, and we’ll discuss zones and sectors. For those interested in permaculture design, this is a good place to begin learning. {Want to […]

September 10th

Create Your Own Forest Garden

“What exactly IS a forest garden?” you may ask. A forest garden is a purposefully created collection of multiple species of edible or beneficial plants organized in such a way as to mimic the natural system of a forest. There are many reasons to have a forest garden– time in nature, wild edibles, and free […]

September 3rd

August is National Water Quality Month!

Every week we are able to share awesome news from Earth Gauge, a project of the National Environmental Education Foundation. August is National Water Quality Month, and it’s an important time to remind our readers that water quality is EVERYONE’s responsibility! Did you know that a typical city block generates more than five times as much […]

August 22nd

Garden Help: Avoiding the Squash Vine Borer

Your summer squash, zucchini, winter squash and pumpkin were looking so beautiful with wide expansive leaves… that is, until you kneeled down to pick a zuke and yellow squash for dinner. When down there on the ground, surrounded by ginormous leaves bigger than your head, you noticed that the vine has this ugly spot, sort […]

August 6th

Martha Stewart Shares her Love of Beekeeping!

We all know Martha is the goddess of the home, but she is also quite the homesteader too. She has a beautiful farm in which she composts and grows organic vegetables, and she’s recently taken an interest in beekeeping. As we know, bees are vitally important to our ecosystem and our food supply. It was […]

July 31st

Vertical Gardening Grows Up in Small Spaces

Today Green Living Ideas features another post from our permaculture expert Jami Scholl. Check out Jami’s other posts about combating aphids and the best plants to grow in the shade. It all began with The Vertical Garden by botanist Patrick Blanc. He created art with plants on a vertical surface on the exterior of buildings, and […]

July 1st