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Book Review: Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben is a revelation– and a joy– to read. This book was just published a few weeks ago, and Green Living Ideas was thrilled to be offered a copy to review. Though I’ve read McKibben’s groundbreaking work in the past, this book reads differently, […]

September 23rd

Homesteading Book Reviews

From the archives, these homesteading book reviews feature two of my favorites from the past few years. The Homemade Living Series by Ashley English is a few years old now, but her wisdom is timeless! Canning and Preserving with Ashley English is comprehensive guide to canning, pickling, and ‘putting up’ all types of fruit and […]

August 19th

Entrepreneurship in Solid Waste Management

Not everyone wants to talk about waste, but it’s a pretty damn important topic! Last week our Ecopreneurist Priti Ambini moderated a panel discussion with two entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way we think about waste. The discussion happened last week, but lucky you! There is a YouTube video below that shares their Google Hangout! […]

August 9th

Films that Will Inspire you to Go Green!

If you are one of those people who still believes the earth will continue spinning no matter how much trash and pollutants humans throw its way, you really need to watch these important green films! They might inspire even the most hardened industrialists think twice about throwing away so much trash. All of these films […]

July 30th

The Blue-Green Box: The Aquaponics Aquarium

Have you ever looked at your aquarium and thought, “I wish this was growing plants too?” Well, the solution is here with The Blue Green Box. The Blue Green Box uses a regular home aquarium system to grow plants with nutrients from fish waste, creating a mini-aquaponics system in your own house. This system allows […]

July 29th

9 Amazing Facts about Hemp

Hemp is one of the most amazing crops. It’s easy to grow (um, just like a weed), it’s beneficial to the soil and to people, and it is super sustainable. We’ve created this short list of super cool facts about hemp to share with you some of the amazing attributes of one of our favorite […]

July 24th

How do you define sustainability?

‘Sustainable’ is one of just a few words being tossed around in the current cultural salad to enlighten us about how to create a more conscious way of living on this earth among our fellow creatures. What does sustainability mean to you?

July 9th

Net Impact lets Students Make Small Steps for Big Wins

Net Impact’s Inaugural Small Steps, Big Wins Campus Challenge inspires students to take tore than 45,000 actions on 74 Campuses! Since the Challenge launched in October 2012, students collectively took more than 45,000 actions which translated into: 39,258 pounds of CO2 saved by taking public transportation or walking instead of driving 3,064 plastic bags saved […]

May 25th

Let the Children Sing to Cool the World

People can do millions of small things to make the world a greener, better place; but when little kids start doing cool things too…. well that just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy! The Cool the World project has youth raising their voice in song to reduce global warming.  ‘Cool the World’ gives a […]

May 20th

Adopt-a-Tree to Green your Life and your Business!

Adopt A Tree is passionate about developing environmental sustainability for future generations. They provide tree planting and marketing services to businesses that want to become greener, and individuals who want to dedicate trees to anything. Purchase trees for family, friend, lost ones, celebrations or just because you want to help the environment! Here’s their story: […]

May 8th

Spring Allergy Relief & Saving the Rainforest

Yes, spring has sprung around here! Trees and flowers are blooming and buds of summer fun are everywhere, and so of course are many of our allergies. We are located in what is known as “allergy alley” here in northern NJ. Green Dude Eco Ed did a nice report on some natural ways to alleviate allergy suffering.

May 6th

It’s Earth Day! How are you saving the planet today?

The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, in a much different place and time. As explains, “At the time, Americans were slurping leaded gas through massive V8 sedans. Industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear of legal consequences or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of […]

April 22nd

Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

Namibia is home to an expansive landscape, fantastical wildlife and thriving tribal cultures. Yet the nation is also plagued with many humanitarian issues: high rates of HIV infection, lack of quality education and work opportunities, shortages of fresh water and food. The Base Project, founded by twin brothers Christopher and Doug Akin, hopes to alleviate […]

March 18th

Green Divas Radio Show (Podcast): Mariel Hemingway

We finally got to talk to one of our Green Diva heroes, the beautiful and inspiring actress, author and activist, Mariel Hemingway. She is one busy lady these days with a documentary about her life as a Hemingway, Running From Crazy, and her new book, The Willing Way and many worthy projects in between.

March 4th