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Published on July 16th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


6 Best TED Talks about Climate Change to Watch Now

Climate change is a big topic, and sometimes it takes the brilliant minds of TED speakers to share some of the harder facts about our global climate issues. We’ve gathered the 6 best TED Talks about climate change, and we hope you’ll watch them now, and share them with others.

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The TED speakers here focus on how ideas big and small can make important changes for climate action. The longest video is only 16 minutes long, so you definitely have time to watch these videos and learn about how technology can help bring us together to fight climate change, and why a focus on empathy will help bridge the gap.

6 Best TED Talks about Climate Change to Watch Now

1. Connect with the World to Make Change

Can tech give us the boost we need to make lasting change? Ian Monroe of Oroeco explains at TEDx Honolulu why it’s important for us to use those tiny computers in our pockets to make a world of change.

2. Can compassion save our planet?

Dan Miller asks how ‘the bystander role’ has allowed us to collectively ignore climate change for so long. Miller, a father, activist and climate citizen, focuses on a simple solution to help fix climate change and helps us see our responsibility to engage in urgent action necessary to save the environment, our planet, and our society.

3. How to Build a More Connected World

In this 18 minute talk, Simon Anholt explains that while globalization has made a lot of progress in some regards, we’re not making progress against other large challenges. We’ve got to “get our act together” to figure out how to globalize the solutions to large, worldwide problems like climate change. Anholt has dreamed up an unusual scale to get governments thinking outwardly: The Good Country Index.

4. Preparing for our new future

As Vicki Arroyo relates, there is much to be done to prepare for the coming climate changes. She details why current systems– modeled on the past– don’t meet our future needs, and why it’s time for real preparation at every scale. But it’s too big to leave to the experts, she says. We need to be prepared to handle disasters, and Arroyo inspires us to learn how.

5. Looking at the big picture of climate change

Climate change is not ONE thing: it’s is many things at once, and this whole must be understood together. In this talk, climate scientist Gavin Schmidt shares computer models to illustrate the complexity of climate systems.

6. Speaking out for climate change

James Hansen is a top climate scientist, and in this 17 minute TED talk, he tells the story of his involvement in the debate over global climate change. He is able to speak to the overwhelming evidence that climate change is real and now, and he is deeply worried about the future.

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