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How to Clear a Clog in the A/C Condensate Line

How to clear a clog in the condensate line on your air conditioner Things you’ll need for the job: Wet/Dry Vac 3/4″ hose attachment Before getting started, be sure to check out the following video to familiarize yourself with the process: 1. Locate your A/C’s condensate line. In most cases this line will be located outside […]

June 26th

A Responsible Boater’s Guide to Being Green

Most of us have seen the images of the scarred manatees and the oil-covered sea birds, but in truth, regular boating as a hobby usually does more damage to an entire ecosystem than it does to individual wildlife. Everything from boats’ carbon emissions to chemical cleaners can irreparably harm the surrounding environment, killing precious flora […]

May 8th

Going The Extra Green Mile For Eco-Friendly Driving

Have a gas guzzler? You could save thousands of dollars and large amounts of carbon emissions by having a more eco-friendly car. But you knew that, of course. But, did you know that how you drive is almost as important as what you drive? It’s true. So to help you save money the next time you […]

October 9th