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Al Gore, on solutions for our climate change crisis

Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a powerful address to a packed house at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa last night. Environmentally, Gore is most famous, perhaps, for his 2006 speaking tour and subsequent documentary called An Inconvenient Truth, but as opening speaker Senator Brian Schatz pointed out, Mr. Gore […]

April 15th

Top 20 Home Improvement Sites: GreenLivingIdeas Makes The List!

Home improvement comes in many forms. Here at GreenLivingIdeas, we aim to deliver good quality ideas for greening (which we definitely believe means improving!) your home. Greening your home has a plethora of benefits. First, you pay less in utilities. By cutting your carbon footprint, it feels good, but it also means you are a […]

April 12th

Recycle Your Printer Cartridges!

Did you know that throwing your empty printer cartridges in the bin is not an environmentally friendly practice? Printer ink cartridges are made of complex components and as such, are not able to be recycled or disposed of safely, unlike other traditional waste materials. The infographic below illustrates the hazards that printer cartridges potentially pose to the environment […]

March 25th

Green Product Review: 1.0 gallon per minute faucet aerator from Niagara Conservation

Saving water makes financial sense and obviously helps the environment. Did you know that most people pay for their water twice? First, when it comes in through their pipes, and then second, when it leaves through their drain. Wasting water may seem less toxic than wasting energy, since energy mostly comes from coal– coal has […]

October 4th

Athletic shirts that are uber green and high performance

If you’re a weekend warrior like I am, you likely have a handful of those high performance athletic shirts that wick moisture and keep you warm and dry. They’re great for running, hiking, ultimate frisbee (in other words, everything I do). But one thing they’re not great at: coming clean. These shirts resist laundry detergents […]

February 21st

A Fun, New Green Tradition: Tree Planting

A few days ago, I posted about holiday traditions, and suggested that I was looking to start a new sustainable holiday tradition this year that was fun and uber green: planting trees for forage-able food and carbon sequestration. As we know from sister site PlanetSave, planting trees is a wonderful way to fix carbon and […]

December 28th