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Published on October 28th, 2014 | by Sponsored Content


Green Jobs Are The Wave Of The Employment Future

For many of us who graduated from college within the last five years, finding a career job has been difficult. Not only were jobs becoming more scarce, the competition for those jobs was getting harder and harder by the day. We entered the workforce among people with years of experience (and sometimes master degrees) in their given field or profession.  And we were all competing for the same positions.

After all, who would you hire? The guy or gal straight out of college with a bachelors degree and internship under their belt, or the person with years of experience in the field, a proven track record and a masters degree? I think it’s probably safe to assume the latter. Luckily, green jobs are on the rise and breaking into this career field is easier than you might think.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of industries such as solar and wind power, the dream of finding a fulfilling and rewarding career is that much closer to becoming a reality. Check out this infographic to get a sense for just how fast the solar industry is growing (click here to view a full-sized version):

Green Jobs Are The Wave Of The Employment Future

Need a little push to get started in the alternative energy arena? The Ecotech Institute just released a couple of free ebooks on green jobs. They cover the ins and outs of both the wind and solar industries.

These ebooks will give you insights into the future job outlook of each career. They provide tips for job seekers and highlight expectations and requirements for each industry. The books also offer advice from industry experts on how to make your next career move a success.

But don’t just take my word for it, download the book and find out for yourself whether or not it’s a move that makes sense for you. Who knows. It could very well be the first step in a long lasting and fulfilling career.

The infographic featured in this article is courtesy of Ecotech Institute.

The post was generously supported by Ecotech Institute.

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