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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


The Best Green Jobs Site Needs Your Help

Help Build the Best Green Jobs Site EVER!

Important Media, our parent company, is hosting an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the best green jobs site ever. Sounds audacious, right? Perhaps a little self-important? But with our global network of clean tech, clean transportation, healthy food, and sustainable living websites, we are confident that we can build the best green jobs site ever!

best green jobs site

We’re working hard to launch a green jobs site that brings together job seekers with entrepreneurs, clean tech start-ups, and truly sustainable food companies to help grow the green economy, and allow everyone to find a job that makes a difference every day.

What’s our end goal? We want every job to be a green job. Studies show that green jobs are growing at a rapid pace throughout all sectors, and we are so excited to be a part of the transition to a cleaner, greener economy. Becky Streipe from Eat. Drink… Better says, “It’s a potentially world-changing project, and I wish this resource had been available back when I was looking to change my career. There is room in the new green economy for all of us, and it’s exciting to be working on a project that will support folks who might otherwise feel stuck in their current jobs.”

But what makes this green jobs site the best ever? It’s our team of brilliant writers and editors that curate some of the world’s most popular sustainability sites. The Important Media green jobs site will feature options for job posters to connect with these global platforms to find the most qualified applicants. Each green job post will have the opportunity to be shared on one or more of our award-winning websites, and to be featured in the dedicated newsletter sent to industry professionals, business owners, and green economy leaders. This brings additional exposure to your company or brand, and allows the job posting to find applicants outside traditional job-seeking platforms.


best green jobs site

Sounds pretty good, right? Here are some ways that you can support this green jobs project:

  1. Donate. This is a start-up venture, and it needs capital. Even if you can only pitch in a dollar, you’re making a huge difference. And we’re so thankful!
  2. BUY! Purchase discounted advertorials for all our sites! This is a great chance to spread the word about your company across the Important Media network. Choose the Advertorial Perk, Premium Advertorial Perk, or Super Premium Advertorial perk to see your company featured on our sites.
  3. Spread the word. If donations are not in your budget right now, we could use your word-of-mouth support. Share our campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Tell a friend! Here are some sample tweets and Facebook statuses that you can copy and paste:


Help farmers, chefs, producers and food writers find jobs! We’re supporting the world’s best #greenjobs site:

Help farmers, chefs, producers and food writers find jobs! We’re supporting the world’s best #greenjobs site:

Until every job is a #greenjob, @importantmedia is building a new green jobs resource. Click here to learn more:

Facebook statuses:

Want to help farmers, chefs, producers and food writers find good jobs? We do too! We’re supporting the IndieGoGo campaign to create the world’s best green jobs site:

Support entrepreneurs, clean tech start-ups, and sustainable food jobs with a cool new green jobs resource. Help connect green workers with sustainable jobs: click here to crowd-fund the new site:


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