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Published on October 17th, 2014 | by Scott Cooney


Costume Swap: Save Money, Reduce Waste This Halloween

How to Host a Halloween Costume Swap

Host a costume swap this Halloween to save some cash and reduce your impact. Here’s how to put one together.

At some point, Halloween changed from a primarily kid-focused holiday to one in which adults get wildly hammered and challenge each other to out-sex-ify each other in creative costumery. Last year, I even saw a sexy Jesus costume. I mean…nothing is sacred anymore. But preserving life on this planet and saving money is on everyone’s lists these days, so here’s Green Living Ideas’ best idea for fixing up your Halloween costume routine.

If you’re a guy (or gal) who enjoys partying like a rock star in a costume (like some of us, ahem), you probably have a box full of costume accessories: everything from wigs to outfits to fake weapons. But you wore those last year or the year before, so you’re not likely to wear them again this year. At the same time, you don’t want to give them up. After all, they’re awesome! So what to do? Host a costume swap!

Costume swaps

The idea of a costume swap is not new. In fact, clothing swaps – aka naked lady parties – are pretty common, especially among 20 and 30-something women who face the incredible price of clothes shopping. At a naked lady party, you bring clothes that either you don’t want or don’t fit you anymore. You try to give them to someone who’d look great in them and hope for the same in return.

The costume swap is a bit different, though. Instead of just giving your old costumes away, think about it as a free rental for a friend for Halloween this year. You bring out your box of goodies, and someone finds accessories that will match whatever theme they’re thinking this year. No more paying $30 for a wig! No more wasteful plastic packaging! Why go through all of the waste and expense when a friend probably has what you need lying around somewhere? You borrow the wig (for the short term) for free! After Halloween is over, just return the items to their rightful owners, and wham—you’ve got a very low budget but super awesome Halloween costume. And a fun way to spend some time with friends.

Find out more about Halloween costume swaps here. You can either do it privately with your friends, of publicly organize your own costume swap here.

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