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Published on October 27th, 2016 | by TerraCycle


5 Last Minute Upcycled Halloween Projects

October is arguably one of the most colorful and festive months of the year, and we are almost at the end of it! The leaves have turned, there’s a chill in the air, and Halloween is mere days away.  There’s nothing wrong with throwing together some finishing touches for your Halloween costume or spooky party décor at the last minute, but in case you’ve missed all of the plastic skeletons and jack-o-lanterns around you, time is running out!

It’s the little details that take things over the top, but to save you a trip to the store, some money, and the product and packaging waste from the seasonal odds and ends you only use once a year, here are 5 last minute upcycled Halloween DIYs you can whip up using things you already have.

1. Capri Sun Halloween Mask

Upcycled Halloween Projects

Never underestimate the allure of a well-placed masquerade-style mask. Are you Zorro? A debutante? A superhero? Who knows! But even without full disguise grab, this nifty Halloween mask is an instant costume and adds interest and intrigue with its eye-catching, unconventional material.

Click HERE for Capri Sun Halloween Mask DIY Instructions

2. Wellness Dog Cape

Upcycled Halloween Projects

Dogs are the real MVP. They love us unconditionally, and just want to spend time with us. Include your furry friend in the Halloween festivities by crafting a handmade costume that speaks to the hero they are inside. Super dogs super upcycle!

Design Tip: This sizing is for a smaller dog; scale accordingly for your pet.

Click HERE for Wellness Dog Cape DIY Instructions

3. Nespresso Capsule Bracelet

Upcycled Halloween Projects

It’s been said that 25% of your wardrobe budget should go towards your accessories; we disagree. Give your Halloween costume (and your everyday ensemble) that je ne se quoi at little cost; if you have all of the materials, it would be a negative cost since you’d normally throw out used coffee capsules and are tapping into a new resource for your DIY supplies: positively energizing!

Click HERE for Nespresso Capsule Bracelet DIY Instructions

4. Chocolate Wrapper Barrettes

Upcycled Halloween Projects

Don’t forget to jazz up your hair! Perfect for children who need a bit of help keeping their mane tame and tidy in general, this fun, voluminous hair barrette lends itself well to a costume for a baton twirler, a faux flower for a hula dancer, or, more literally, a topping for a sweet confectionary treat like a cupcake or lollipop.

Click HERE for Chocolate Wrapper Barrettes DIY Instructions

5. Shampoo Bottle Chandelier

Upcycled Halloween Projects

Get togethers and parties are an excellent reason to decorate, and this DIY shampoo bottle chandelier gives off a ghoulish green ambiance that’s perfect for All Hallows’ Eve. Bold, bright and boo-tiful (we had to!), a centerpiece you made yourself is sure to be a conversation starter. Don’t have enough bottles? Swap in some empties of other containers like lotions, conditioners, or beverages—better yet, ask your friends for their recyclables!

Click HERE for Shampoo Bottle Chandelier  DIY Instructions

Holidays are about having fun. Best part about these Halloween DIYs is that they allow you to use your creativity and your rubbish to make something amazing with items you already have. If you can make something out of “nothing,” just think of what else your resourceful self can do! Another option: make nature-inspired Halloween crafts from the world around you.

Happy Halloween Upcycling!

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