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Published on April 11th, 2014 | by Scott Cooney


3 Great DIY Water Conservation Strategies and How-To’s (With Video)

water conserving videosWith the California drought a harbinger of things to come globally (now that global weirding is officially upon us and can never be logically denied ever again), it’s critical to think about how we use our resources and try to minimize our impacts. Globally, the world is covered with water…more than 2/3 of the surface of the earth is water, after all, but the amount that is fresh, clean drinking water is less than 1%. Increasingly, especially with the widespread adoption of fracking, groundwater is getting increasingly polluted, too, meaning that more and more humans are going to have to deal with less and less pure, clean drinking water.

Here’s five great water conservation strategies and videos showing how to do them.

1. Install a dual flush converter on your toilet. Recently, I interviewed Jeff Nasrallah, inventor of the Tap ‘n’ Flush, a brilliantly simple converter for just about any toilet type that instantly turns your regular toilet into a water saving beast!! Check out the post about how to install this simple device, and start saving money and water today.

2. Go buy the All-In-One water conservation kit from Niagara Conservation. It’s got water savings devices for your toilet, sink, and shower that are no-brainers for water and energy efficiency, but also super simple to install. Here’s a video:

3. Install a rainwater catchment system. According to Stephanie Evans, the average US household uses 107,000 gallons of water a year. Installing a way to catch some of the free water falling from the sky and use it for things like watering your garden or other plants is a brilliant way to tap into a renewable resource. Here’s a tutorial on installing a rainwater catchment system.

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