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Published on February 26th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli

How to Help our Bees

In case you have not heard, our bee populations are in big trouble. Experts from around the world have been reporting on declining bee populations across the world, and the disappearance of our winged friends. Bee populations help pollinate the majority of our food crops around the world, and without bees pollinating our crops, our grocery stores would look very different indeed. Research has shown that GMO agriculture is affecting the bees, as is overuse of pesticides in conventional agriculture. One of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen was the hand-pollinating of apple trees in China, where there has been so much overuse of pesticides that the bees have simply disappeared. Watch the film More than Honey if you can!

There are lots of ways to help solve the bee problem: eliminate GMO agriculture to create safe, natural crops for our pollinators, reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides in agriculture and homes, and support bees to help them thrive. Grow native flowers and fruits to inspire the bees to visit your ‘hood, and try to keep some bees of your own to support their populations. And, always buy local honey to support the hard work of those bees already in your area!

To learn more about the state of our bee population, check out this great reposted article from our sister site, Eat. Drink… Better!

Colony Collapse Disorder: It’s a biodiversity thing. (via http://eatdrinkbetter.com)

Bee expert Dave Hunter did an open Q&A on colony collapse disorder and shared some eye-opening insights. Are you guys familiar with Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything?” It’s basically a space where celebrities and experts can have an open conversation…

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