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How Can you Eat the Freshest Greens Possible?

Yes, many of us know we should eat more vegetables, but when you are trying to manage a career, a family (or furbabies), and social engagements, finding time to shop for greens, prepare greens, and then sit down and (mindfully) eat those greens, it can seem a little overwhelming!

And ideally, we’d be eating all locally grown greens so as to reduce our ‘foodprint’ and get the freshest, most nutrient-dense vegetables possible. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to garden, that means you’re out at markets and local shops. But that sure seems like a lot of work …

Thankfully, there is a new alternative to gathering local greens. Home-grown, nutrient-dense, and lovely greens can be yours with a very cool innovation called the Eden Garden.

How can you Eat the Freshest Greens Possible?

Meet the Eden Garden

Fresh food is the best tasting, and growing foods at home is really satisfying. Eden Garden brings these two concepts together into a smart hydroponic solution for your home. This solution is a hydroponic system, which uses water, rockwall and/or coconut husks, along with a nutrient solution, to grow gorgeous vegetables inside your home.

Hydroponic solutions have advantages over soil growing:

  • Plant roots come in contact with the solution, allowing them access to as much nutrient and water as they need.
  • Water is recycled through the system until the plants use it up. This allows Eden Garden to use 20X less water than traditional growing methods.
  • This solution encourages plants to grow up to two times faster and to produce three times the amount of vegetables as compared to other methods.

How can you Eat the Freshest Greens Possible?

How to Start with an Eden Garden

The Eden Garden is an affordable, plug and play solution for your vegetable needs. The system is simple to set up, affordable, and expandable. At half the price of other systems, this system will will pay itself off in a year with all the veggies you’ll be harvesting. The founders explain that set up is super simple: just click the kits together drop a seed, add water and nutrients and watch your garden grow.

The expandable system allows you to grow your garden easily: simply add a tray to make your 10 plant system into a 22 plant system. Their custom lid solution allows you to choose whether you want to grow 4 large plants, 10 small or add an expansion to grow 22 small.

How can you Eat the Freshest Greens Possible?

And daily maintenance is easy: your Eden garden doesn’t need to be watered everyday, and it doesn’t need to be weeded, either. They agree that it should take only about 15 minutes each month to maintain your garden. The Garden also can use any type of lights, your choice of nutrients and your choice of seeds – you’re not required to purchase refills, you are welcome to experiment.

They sell all the products you need, including lights in the ideal spectrum to grow a variety of foods reliably. The system also includes a timer for ideal light cycles. This, of course, means you can also grow during the winter, when you’re craving greens the most!

Another benefit of the contained system is that plants grow faster: lettuce grows to full size in four weeks compared to nine weeks in conventional growing methods, and tomatoes are ready to harvest in nine weeks instead of 12.

Learn more about this easy and affordable hydroponic growing system and all the delicious vegetables you can grow at Eden Garden.

How can you Eat the Freshest Greens Possible?

This post was supported by Hope Innovation, the makers of Eden Garden; images from the company.

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