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Published on January 22nd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Green Gardens: Are They Possible?

When it comes to gardening, you’ve likely heard the phrase “green thumbs–” implying that someone has a natural affinity or skill for gardening and growing plants. But building a truly green garden takes more than green thumbs.

As so many aspects of society are moving in a greener and more environmentally-friendly direction, it makes sense that consumers are looking for better, cleaner, and greener options for the yards and gardens.

Greener gardening and yard choices are easy to make, regardless of whether you have a small patch of backyard to cultivate, dozens of acres to plant, or even just a lawn that you need to treat with care. If you don’t have time to tend to your lawn, you can use an Atlanta lawn mowing service to complete the job for you. If you really want to make your yard and garden grow, read below for some ways to keep a garden green in the eco-sense.

Stick to the real deal

This first aspect of greener gardening to consider is fertilization, which you can do naturally with compost. There has been a lot in the news about pesticides and weed killers over recent years: consumers are learning that not only are these unhealthy for humans, animals, and soil, they often don’t nourish the plants in the way that is really necessary. The solution? Go natural with a purchased or homemade compost. Compost is a mixture of food scraps, green waste, and sometimes animals waste. It can be used to enhance the health of your soil, which in turn boosts the health of your plants.

Bird feeders aren’t just there for bird enthusiasts

Whenever you spot a bird feeder in someone’s garden, don’t automatically conclude that they are a bird enthusiast. Instead, remember that attracting birds ensures that you have natural predators to help tackle common garden pests like snails, slugs and other grubs. By lining your garden with feeders, you will attract more birds. You can invest in bat boxes, which will also help reduce pests.

Recycle your water in the garden

Another easy win is with water conservation. Rather than praying for rains, you can install a catchment system to catch rainwater, or you can install a greywater system to catch clean household wastewater to use in the garden. This ensures that you don’t need to tap your water supply each and every time you need to hydrate your yard, saving both water and money.

Take advantage of companion planting

Another way to boost the health of your garden and yard naturally is to organize your garden around companion planting. Put simply, this involves plants working together for synergistic effects on the ecosystem, both for soil health, plant health, and as natural protection for certain plants.

What other tips do you think make a garden greener?


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