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Published on November 5th, 2013 | by The Green Divas


Rockin with Willie Nile & Running from Crazy: Inspiring Week

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Rockin’ with Willie Nile

Yup. We had a very fun and busy week in and out of the studio last week . . . GD Meg got a private concert (well almost, there were about 10 people in the HomeGrownRadioNJ studio) with Willie Nile, who has just released a new CD, American Ride. I loved it, and loved being a groupie. Willie Nile is a great performer and was generous with his time, and the guys in the band are very talented, adorable and as it turns out very cool. I recommend grabbing the CD or downloading from iTunes, and if you can catch a live show.

Running from Crazy with Mariel Hemingway

Then GD Mizar and I went to New York for the premiere of Running from Crazy and not only got to see Mariel Hemingway again, but we got to meet Bobby Williams in person finally, and we made some new friends before the show. We got chatting with Dylan Baker (recently seen as wealthy psychopath on The Good Wife), and his lovely wife, actress Becky Ann Baker (recently seen on HBO’s Girls). He’s got his first feature film (as director and producer) coming out soon, so we will definitely be talking to him more about that soon.

I knew I would like the movie and felt like I knew what was coming after talking to Mariel about it for about a year, but wasn’t I BLOWN AWAY by the emotional impact of this film. I’m beyond impressed and inspired by filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Mariel. This film will save many lives. That is NOT hyperbole. Please see it when it comes around. Take your friends. Take your family. Share it. Running from Crazy is about dispelling the shroud of shame around mental illness, suicide and abuse. Mariel shares herself and her reality so beautifully and in such raw emotional detail, that you would have to be made of stone not to find some hope to cling to. Meanwhile, find out more about how Mariel has used nature to heal and grow beyond the Hemingway legacy of mental illness and doom in her and Bobby Williams book, Running with Nature.

And in between all that fun, we had a wonderful Green Divas Radio Show and even managed a little halloween . . .

Green Diva Meg's Grandkids

Green Diva Meg’s grandkids, Vivian (unicorn) & Mason (dragon)

sweet potato bread imageGreen Divas Foodie-Philes: Seasonal Quick-Bread Recipes

GD Gina talked about seasonal quick-bread recipes and got us all inspired to do some easy baking using carrots, sweet potatoes, figs and yes, even GD Meg’s banana bread (not entirely seasonal, but still a delicious quick-bread) made it into the mix. Read GD Gina’s post for easy seasonal quick-bread recipes, and make sure to listen to more ideas on this week’s GD Foodie-Phile podcast . . .

Green Dude Stuff: Paul Miller on Buying Local for the Holidays

Paul Miller talked to us about why it is so important to buy local for the holidays – and always really. He talks about some of the buy local campaigns he’s worked on for his community and gives us some solid advice for rallying our own communities to get more involved in creating stronger local economies. Listen to this great Green Dude podcast to learn more . . . 

Green Divas Feature Interview: Get on the Big Green Bus with ErikErik Skarin from the Big Green Bus Skarin

Dartmouth College junior, Erik Skarin called in to talk about his experience as the Big Green Bus mechanic and what it was like to tour the country to learn and share about sustainable living. Did the Big Green biodiesel bus smell like french fries? Was it harder to maintain?

Now he is building all electric race cars! We can’t wait to see where he ends up working when he graduates. We’re hoping it’s Tesla, so he can hook the Green Divas up!

Talk about inspiring. We love to hear from young people how motivated they are to help create a healthier more sustainable world!

Listen to this whole great Green Divas podcast and hear the interview with Erik Skarin . . .

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