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Published on May 11th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Eco-Moms

Mother’s Day is a few days away, unless you’re in Mexico than you really blew it. If you waited until now for mom’s gift, don’t despair, we got you covered. We also think Mother’s Day is a perfect holiday for honoring Mother Earth and that special woman in your life.

Here are some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts for Eco-moms or lovely women looking to go green.


Clever Mother's Day cupcakes

Clever Mother's Day cupcakes

Last Minute Gifts

Regurgitate Valentine’s gift ideas. Hey, we did a great job offering superb last-minute sweetheart gifts and most are perfect for mom so go check out the list.

Shop Indie for sustainable jewelry and wearable gifts. If you have a local Farmer’s Market, many take place on Saturdays, take a look at the amazing handmade products for sale by local artisans. Local Harvest offers a helpful tool for finding local markets.

Take a cue from Food Inc. and by from local ranchers. The Meat Shop in Phoenix, Arizona has a special Mother’s day package that includes breakfast meats from local farmers, a $10 gift card and a floral reusable tote for $35. This is a great way to help mom start shopping local. Not in Phoenix? No worries, most cities have a local butcher selling local, grass-fed meat. Again, Local Harvest will help find them.

Buy Used Books. But don’t head online to Amazon or some other big wig store, visit your local indie bookstore selling used books. Instead of buying a just one or two you’ll be able to buy a stack. Many of these shops also carry work from local artisans as well.

Wrap it Eco-Friendly. Once you find the perfect gift you’ll want to make it look amazing. Visit our tips on green wrapping ideas.

Feed Your Mama. Guess what? All those tasty gift ideas we talked about for Christmas are also perfect for Mother’s Day. Instead of Christmas tree cookies make flowers or something representing your special mom.

Give Her Memory-Making gifts. Speak to mom’s heart and buy non-materialistic gifts that matter and bring delightful memories for years to come.

{Cupcake photo via clevercupcakes on Flickr}

What are you buying that special woman in your life? Have any other green ideas to share? Leave them in the comments.

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