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Honoring Earth with Yule Log Creations

Craft with tissue paper

Craft with tissue paper to make flames for your Yule log

2. Craft a Yule Log

If you have little ones and a live fire is too intense, you can make a log out of paper bags, newspapers or other recycled paper items. Roll items up into logs and paint brown if they aren’t already log-colored. You can then draw or paint on the flames. For a little more pizazz, and to use up scraps of tissue paper from other craft activities, simply wrap the scrap of paper around the tip of a pencil and dip it  in a little glue. Here’s a good example of the method. When you use brights reds, oranges and yellows the result resembles little 3-D flames.

{CC photo courtesy of jek in the box on Flickr}

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