Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Treat Choices

Spooky specters, fairy princesses and hungry zombies will soon take to the streets in search for yearly Halloween treats. With obesity on the rise within our youth, toxic candies the norm and products made at the expense of poorly treated and paid workers, there is a better way to celebrate this autumn affair.

This year, bring a little green into this fall favorite with these 5 eco-friendly Halloween treat choices.

granola bars

Granola bars

1. Granola Bars

There are quite a few of these snacks on the market so make sure to find a non-GMO variety and compare it to the list of corporations to avoid. You are looking for a bar with fiber and protein but lacking corn syrup and additives. You wan to be able to pronounce the ingredients on the list and definitely less is probably better.

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