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5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Even though Earth Day was one month ago today, every day is Earth Day around here. Here are some tips to incorporate Earth Day’s ideals and values in your own life throughout the year.

photo by faerybootsEveryday is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day

  • Recycle– Take a solid look at your trash. Even if you have green intentions, it’s likely that you probably have some recyclables thrown out in the mix. Also remember E-Waste like cell phones, MP3’s and laptops can all be recycled and re-purposed. Check out Waste Farmers to get you started.
  • Freecycle– If you don’t need your old stuff, then think about giving them to somebody else who does. Clothes, books, electronics, and furniture can all be freecycled quite easily.
  • Reuse– Many household items have a longer life span than we readily give them credit for: plastic forks, reusable tableware, portable mugs and other disposables. Why send all of this stuff to landfills when you can use it again and again…and again.
  • Go local– There’s plenty of delicious and healthy food right in your neighborhood. Support your local farmers while enjoying fresh produce and organically grown goodies. Eat Local Challenge can help you find a farmer close to you.
  • Follow a low carbon diet– Many of the foods you eat every day, even the so-called healthy ones, are responsible for releasing a high amount of emissions into the environment. Check out the low carbon calculator to help you figure out how to adjust your diet to protect the planet.

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