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Published on September 20th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor


Manage Your Electronic Cables Inconspicuously!

There’s nothing worse when cables begin to get out of control. A rat’s nest of cables spreading like spaghetti can be dangerous and a bit of an eyesore whether in the office or at home. Everything today seems to come with at least one cable:

  • Headphone wires
  • Power plugs
  • Phone cables
  • Data cables
  • Security systems

There’s no need to spend a lot of time and money in making cables inconspicuous. Reputable electrical installation companies like Thornbury Electrics* provide efficient and manageable cable solutions in the office or home.

Here are a few pointers and cord management tips:

+ ID plugs with labels – crawling around under a desk rearranging power cables is painful on the knees especially when having to guess which power plug goes where. It’s so much easier to ID power plugs and cables with a small sticker and photo.

+ Tie EM up – great value for money multi-cable ties are just the job for tying up cables neatly, tidily and safely. Cheap plastic multi-cable ties are strong enough to fasten down almost any type of cables so there’s no need to worry about tripping over realms of wiring.

+ Cable-hiding charging station – one of the new kids on the block for managing cables inconspicuously is cable-hiding charging stations. They are ideal for any kind of corded gadget cables which will not only be hidden away but charged day or night, what could be better?

+ Binder clips – easy to use binder clips are just what’s needed to keep computer, laptop and cell phone power plugs from falling from the back of a desk or electrical equipment. No modification is required, just release the binder, run the cables through it and clamp, how easy is that?

+ Wire baskets – get all of those irritating USB, monitor, FireWire, audio and power cords off the floor by using a simple wire basket. Affordable and very practical to use, wire baskets provide the perfect solution in congregating and keeping cables out of sight.

+ Foam pipe insulation – another way to hide a mess of tangled cables near a power point or points is to use foam pipe insulation. Foam pipe insulation can be easily cut to size, sliced down the length to store cables inside and then pulling out the ends through the slits. It’s a great solution to managing and de-cluttering cables.

So there we have it, a few straightforward suggestions on how to manage cables inconspicuously. However, for this kind of project, DIY is not recommended. Always use the services of professional electrical firms.

This post was sponsored by Thornbury Electrics.

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