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Published on October 10th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Keep Up with the Latest Green News

The Green Revolution has brought with it its share of required reading.  Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with “green reads”, everything from the most technical to page-turning best-sellers.

In the case of eco-reading, staying up with the latest books often means staying up on the latest findings.  To help you filter through the many choices, we’ve assembled some of the best online sources that exist to keep you up-to-date or to offer a selection of favorites.

Enjoying Green Reads in the Great Outdoors


Here are some reliable sites for finding the latest eco-focused reads.  In addition, bookstores and libraries often have green book sections and/or lists featuring the most current additions.

  • Grinning Planet is a user-friendly site with the categories by type and targeted reader.  The most recent additions are listed on the home page.

  • Books 4 Green Living
    is geared toward business promotions and part of a ‘non-green’ larger site, but frequently updated with the latest.
  • EcoBrain is a wonderful, comprehensive site dedicated to Green Books for Green Living.

Green-geared publishing companies can be a good place to shop, browse, or get ideas for what to check out at the library:

Green Books is further proof that the U.K. has a green head start on the U.S.  The online bookshop (listed in the left-hand column) is a great place to browse.  The Transition Handbook featured on the home page is a terrific resource that you won’t find on many other lists.  It is now available from most libraries or through the U.S.-based Chelsea Green Publishing, another wonderful site for finding green reads.

Web Publications

If you think a lot of options exist in the way of green books, there’s even more to choose from when it comes to online magazines and blogs, particularly blogs.  With so many web options, each featuring updates and reviews of the best green books around, it’s good to know where to check in often.

  • GreenYour provides a good list of online green guides and blogs.  There’s not much in the way of actual books, but this site holds some treasured online reading sources along with a rundown of why it’s good to frequent green e-zines and blogs.
  • The Daily Green is a great place to check in.  Their list of “8 Great Green Reads” ranges from green fashion advice to bird books.

Other reliable e-zines and blogs about green living include: Treehugger, E: The Environmental Magazine, and The Lazy Environmentalist.

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