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Published on February 6th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Wedding Favors Go Green

It’s common practice to offer wedding guests a small favor as a thank you or token of remembrance. Why not make sure that the favors are both green and, wherever possible, local?

Edibles and gifts of green are among the most eco friendly favors you can give guests on your big day, since not much is left in the way of leftover packaging…

Give Organic Seed Packets as Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

Here are a some ideas:

For Californians, heart-healthy Jordan almonds—the traditional sugar-coated wedding favor for Italian and Greek weddings—become a green favor when made with organic California almonds prepped at a California candy company.

  • For something similar, but without the same element of tradition, try pecans coated in a sweet meringue (Swedish nuts). Organic varieties are plentiful in the lower Mississippi Valley states, as well as Texas, Georgia, and Kansas.

Fresh herbs such as lavender and marjoram, and flowers such as roses and elderflowers have long-standing associations with marriage.

  • For simple favors, get live plants or organic seeds at a farmer’s market or local nursery.
  • For a personalized touch, ink-stamp flower pots or seed packets and dress them up with ribbon or twine that compliments your wedding colors.

There are wineries in almost every U.S. state nowadays. A half bottle of locally produced organic wine makes an excellent favor, especially if it’s produced by an organic grower who practices methods of sustainable agriculture like biodynamic farming.

  • Have bottles of sparkling organic grape juice on hand for your non-drinking guests.

Support your community by going for organic treats that define your area. Locals will appreciate them and guests from far away will appreciate the opportunity to try something new.

  • How about Vermont maple syrup or candies, Pacific Northwest smoked salmon, saltwater taffy in beach areas, jars of organic and locally harvested honey, Louisiana Cajun spice rub, or Kansas City barbecue sauce?

If you can’t find anything local or your top choice is out of season, chocolate can step in as a great green favor if it is organically grown and produced and sold in accordance with fair trade practices.

Some chocolate companies donate a portion of proceeds back to various causes such impoverished communities and endangered species. If there is a cause dear to your heart, shop around for cocoa corporations with conscience.

Don’t forget that the wrapping should be earth-friendly as well. Look for handmade, fair trade gift wraps and recycled content options whenever possible.

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